‘Back-off ‘ from North Korea, Trump warned

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By Frank Peters

A Letter Donald Trump received this week could change the course of history and prevent World War III and an Islamic war.

International arms dealer of Bangladeshi origin and business tycoon, Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher has politely, but firmly warned Donald Trump to “back-off” from taking any military action against North Korea and Iran.

Shamsher, who is listed among The 10 Most Notorious Arms Dealers in the World, told the American President in a strong-worded hand-delivered despatch that he is privy to vital information the American intelligence agencies don’t know about and without it World War III is a strong possibility.

The controversial arms dealer, 73, who has brokered many military contracts worldwide since the early ’70s, claims North Korea today is the most powerful country on earth.

“Two members of the disbanded congressional Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) commission warned American Congress that a nuclear EMP attack from Kim Jong-Un was the biggest threat to the USA, but their information is outdated, it’s a lot worse than that.

“North Korea has the capability of destroying the three-million square miles of the USA in 42 minutes 42 seconds precisely.

“Major cities across the United States would be wiped out quicker than you can say Trump Tower,” claims Dr. Moosa. “That kind of power is unprecedented in history and terrifying, but even more frightening is the fact Kim Jong-Un has it and, if provoked, would use it,” he said.

In his plainspoken communication, Shamsher urged and pleaded with the President to change his attitude. He fears if the present situation is mishandled, it could trigger World War III and doomsday for America.

His fear for the world has lead Shamsher to become a one-time whistle-blower – the first arms dealer in history to break the code of silence that has bonded the controversial profession from its inception.

“North Korea and Iran have the biggest and most powerful Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles in the world. They have no reason to fear or bow to anyone – no one,” he said.

On August 6, 1945, during World War II, the Americans dropped ‘Little Boy’ a 15-kiloton atomic bomb on Hiroshima and three days later ‘Fat Boy’ was exploded over Nagasaki in Japan. Both cities were instantly reduced to rubble and ashes and death claimed the lives of countless.

“Imagine what damage could be done with something like one-million times more powerful than either of those. That’s the sort of power North Korea can unleash to anywhere in the world and with precision targeting,” said Dr. Shamsher.

“I advised Donald Trump to back-off immediately. In fact, I pleaded with the President to resolve problems and differences through dialogue. This is not a make-believe Hollywood movie in which America will emerge triumphant in the end with ticker-tape parades and such. If Trump proceeds on the course he’s taking, America won’t exist and other countries will be affected,” he said.

“There’s never been a greater threat to western civilization and life as we know it, as there is now,” added the eccentric multi-billionaire, who hit the world headlines several times for his personal indulgence of wearing diamonds on his shoes.

The flamboyant arms dealer adorns himself with custom-made expensive jewellery and his diamond-encrusted gold Rolex watch – the only one of its kind in the world – has a £5-million price tag. His custom-made Mont Blanc pen, which he uses to sign military contracts, is valued at over $1-million.

Dr. Shamsher said he knows for certain that North Korea has the power to bring the world to its knees. That was one of many secrets his former business partner and renowned Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi shared with him prior to his death in June. Khashoggi had brokered the deals.

“While no one should under-estimate the power of nuclear weaponry, ICBM is not in the average class. It’s in a class entirely on its own. It’s more powerful than the scientists, who perfected it, had ever hoped to achieve.

“India, Pakistan, Germany, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or any country you care to mention, could be reduced to debris in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea. This is not the work of fiction from talented writers like Stephen King and Alistair McLean. The threat is real and if the USA takes on North Korea it will be a million-times worse blunder than when it took on Vietnam. It will be America’s doomsday. The war and its horrific effects will be home-delivered right to the American doorsteps,” he warned.

Dr. Shamsher said when ICBM is launched at a target; there is no system capable of stopping it. North Korea and Iran are the two countries that should be of the greatest concern to the world right now, for different reasons.

“These two countries literally hold in their hands the power of life or death for millions of people throughout the world and that’s not a comforting thought,” he said.

Of the two nations, he said North Korea is the one to be feared most.

“Unfortunately, the enormous power is in the grasp of a mentally imbalanced all-powerful dictator Kim Jong-Un whom nobody within North Korea would dare to argue or disagree.

“If he decides to press the button, there’s no one to stop him. His grip on reality is questionable. He sees weapons of mass destruction similar to pre-pubescent boys playing with plastic guns and other war toys.

“While North Korea is America’s greatest concern, Saudi Arabia and Israel are in the cross-hairs of Iran and that should be an enormous worry to Muslims and Jews,” Dr. Shamsher added.

“I am gravely concerned about the safety of the Islamic Holy sites in Mecca, Medina, Jeddah and such places as-well-as for the Saudi Royal family, whom I’ve known and admired for many years, and the people of Saudi Arabia.

“Adnan told me if Saudi Arabia continues to push Iran to the wall, which they are presently in the process of doing; Iran might retaliate like a cornered rat, respond with vengeance and release their ICBM weapons of mass destruction, believing it, or justifying the action in their minds, to be the will of Allah.

“This would bring their present conflict to an abrupt halt, as did Little Boy and Fat Boy brought World War II to a stop, but it would send the world of Islam into a tailspin from which it might never recover.

“To prevent World War III and perhaps the greatest Islamic war in history, it’s essential dialogue reigns supreme. That President Trump does nothing to inflame the now critical volatile situation; that the Americans and Saudis know of the imminent dangers facing them, and that common-sense prevails on all sides, or God help all of us,” said Dr. Shamsher.


(The writer is a former newspaper and magazine publisher and editor, an award-winning writer, royal goodwill ambassador and humanitarian)


3 Responses to ‘Back-off ‘ from North Korea, Trump warned

  1. These are lies by Moosa bin Shamsher,ONLY God has the power over life & death.Quote;“These two countries literally hold in their hands the power of life or death for millions of people throughout the world and that’s not a comforting thought,” he said.

    November 1, 2017 at 12:19 pm

  2. IF only God has the power life and death, what would you call what Hitler did to the Jews? What Little Boy and Fat Boy did in Japan? The First World War, the Second World War, the War in Vietnam, the war in Afghanistan… you could name hundreds of wars and tragedies over the years.

    Are all of those God’s will? I understood that God loves us and if so, a war is a peculiar way of showing it but I could be mistaken, I often am.

    The story written by Frank Peters is the best piece of writing I’ve read in a long time. I didn’t particularly want to read what he wrote or the comments of Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher as I found them very real, factual and, if I may add, very frightening.

    Dr. Shamsher has made me think there is a possibility of a third world war and when I read the news or see President Donald Trump speak on television I KNOW there’s a strong possibility of another war. I have no faith in the man whatsoever.

    Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher is the hero here. He’s broken with a long arms dealing tradition because his silence might have guaranteed World War III. At least now he has a clear conscience for trying to prevent it, if there is one or not. Now that Trump knows what he’s up against, I hope Trump pays attention or as Dr, Moosa bin Shamsher concludes his interview, “or God help all of us”.

    Edgar Nsemukela
    November 3, 2017 at 12:26 am

    • Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

      BEBE… you are living in fools’ paradise and it’s time you woke up to your silly thinking.

      Don’t be a fool all your life, hanging-on to such ridiculous religiously propelled ideas, take at least one day off.

      As far as I am concerned we were extremely close to another World War. We already experienced the madness of Bush and Blair going to war unnecessarily and while it all may seem like a B-grade movies now, thousands of people lost their lives and thousands more are without limbs as a result, not to mention the heartache and heartbreak of mothers and families in both nations who lost dear ones. Total madness.

      Trump needed a diversion from all that self-inflicted woes that haunt him and has brought his popularity to the lowest ever experienced by any American president. A war has great distraction benefits and a war with North Korea would have suited him fine to achieve his personal goals. Thank God for Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher.

      If not for Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher, it would be a repeat of the same, but on a grand scale… perhaps even the end of the world as we know it.

      I congratulate Frank Peters on his superb writing and delivering the facts in plain, simple English. Without the Zambian Eye, of course, we might never know what was happening in the shadows.

      My respect for Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher is enormous. For him to do an Edward Norton on his most secretive profession and bring Donald Trump to his senses is one of the greatest contributions any person has made to mankind.

      I’m of the opinion Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, but this in this unjust world it is most likely to be awarded to someone who doesn’t deserve it like American president Donald Trump.

      Wilson Kalama
      May 16, 2018 at 8:49 am

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