President Lungu’s visit to Rwanda

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President Lungu with his Rwandese counterpart in Kigali yesterday

DRC President President Joseph Kabila visited Zambia last week and held Private talks with President Lungu.

President Lungu visited Rwanda on the second Day on a State Visit thereafter. In search for Regional Peace and Stability, one would deduce that President Lungu’s trip to Rwanda is connected to Kabila’s visit to Zambia.

A situation is brewing in DRC…serious one.

Nchelenge in Luapula Province of Zambia already has 16000 plus Refugees and more pouring in by the day! 200 new arrivals daily.

Kagame launched his attack to defend Tutsis and form government from DRC…so he knows an unstable DRC is bad for his Country’s security (Rebels – Refugees ) and the Economy.

Kagame is seen to be a stabiliser of Peace in Rwanda & united that Country. He is in fact holding on the peace of Rwanda and the middle Region.

Let us Pray for President Lungu and other Presidents in the Region to fix DRC soon rather than later. A stable DRC is of great benefit to Zambia and the rest of the Region.

President Kabila’s Security in his own Country is worrisome too. Can his fellow President’s clinch an Asylum for him say in South Africa?

But DRC just needs to be contained now, before it goes out of hand.

By Brian Hapunda

PF Media Team Member


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