Arms dealer prevented war

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By our correspondent Proinsias Mac Pheadair, Worldwide News

A video entitled “Trump almost triggered World War III? – You decide”, now on YouTube, will inevitably cause worldwide controversy and cause President Donald Trump grief.

The video reveals how an arms dealer prevented nuclear war between North Korea and the USA by telling Trump in no uncertain terms to “back-off”.

“America would be annihilated in less than an hour,” the controversial arms dealer Dr. Prince Moosa Bin Shamsher, warned the President.

Shamsher, who tops the list of theTen Most Notorious Arms Dealers in Modern History, said he knew the nuclear dominance of North Korea that President Trump and the American intelligence agencies didn’t.

“And that is one of the reasons why Kim Jong-un, Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, laughed down his sleeve every time Trump threatened him with a nuclear attack,” said Shamsher.

The flamboyant multi-billionaire tycoon told Trump sternly in his letter that America would be ‘wiped off the face of the earth’, if he proceeded with his plans to nuke North Korea.

The letter was hand-delivered byTrump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort Jr., who is also Shamsher’s friend and business associate.

Flag wavers

“America can wave its red, white and blue banners, have its fancy parades, and scream slogans of supremacy as much as it likes, but when push comes to shove, North Korea would beat America any day in nuclear combat. In fact, they could do this before breakfast and enjoy watching a soap opera on TV that afternoon,” the arms dealer said.

“North Korea is the most powerful nuclear nation on earth and has the capability of destroying the three-million square miles of the USA in 42 minutes 42 seconds precisely,” he added.

Shamsher said his facts were flawless and indisputable. He learned them from his mentor and world-renowned arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, who died in June 2017. Khashoggi had brokered the deals and knew intimately the enormous nuclear strength of North Korea.

“The facts are as genuine as if God himself had told me. Adnan has never, never, never lied to me during our 30-years of friendship and he would never joke about anything like that,” Dr. Prince Moosa said.

To warn Trump, Shamsher was compelled to break the arms dealers’ Code of Conduct and became the first in history to do so. He said he found this necessary to prevent war between America and North Korea and avert the possibility of World War III.

“I realized that I was probably the only person in the world, other than North Korea itself, that knew its awesome nuclear capabilities,” he said.

To complicate matters, before Paul Manafort Jr., could confirm to Shamsher that he had informed Trump, he was arrested and is now facing 32 charges each with a 40-year jail sentence if convicted.

King of Saudi Arabia

As back-up, Shamsher then enlisted the help of the King of Saudi Arabia, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Defense Secretary James Mattis and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe… to make sure Trump would not err.

In the video interview, Shamsher thanks Manafort profusely and describes him as an American patriot and hero.

“By Paul’s speedy action he may have helped prevent America from total annihilation, World War III, and saved the lives of millions,” he said.

The video is now on YouTube.


3 Responses to Arms dealer prevented war

  1. President Trump, America (and the world) have much to be grateful to for Dr. Prince Moosa

    My mother always told us when we were growing up to always keep an open mind and open eyes because we’re likely to find friends in unexpected places.

    I do not know if my brothers and sisters have followed her advice, but I did and I’ve experienced much joy as a result.

    Collectively, I think we (Zambia) can regard Dr. Prince Moosa Bin Shamsher as an expected friend. He being an arms dealer, I would have expected the opposite, but I guess I’ve been influenced by too many ‘B-‘Grade Hollywood movies.

    I watched the news report by award-winning writer Proinsias Mac Pheadair on YouTube and read much about the arms dealer on Zambian Eye. There is no doubt in my mind that President Trump, America (and the world) have much to be grateful to for Dr. Prince Moosa’s timely intervention and preventing what President Trump himself described as a would be “catastrophe”.

    It is difficult for me to comprehend however, for killing in war soldiers receive medals, for a civilian to save a person’s life (maybe from drowning) a certificate is awarded (and maybe some cash) but the guy who prevented war between North Korea and America (if not a world war), doesn’t even receive a ‘thanks’ from President Trump! Where’s the justice?

    I’m so pleased that readers of Zambian Eye see the situation as I do and although the war would not have affected us (initially), they have shown decency and expressed ‘thanks’ to Dr. Prince Moosa Bin Shamsher for preventing war.

    If they have not already done so, I urge all Zambian Eye readers to go to the YouTube website and see/read the real story behind the story. It’s quite fascinating what goes on behind the scenes that we might never hear about if not for news outlets like Zambian Eye.

    Ali S. Khan
    August 14, 2018 at 10:24 am

  2. I agree with Zambian Eye reader Ali. S. Khan. President Trump, America (and the world) have many reasons to thank Dr. Prince Moosa Bin Shamsher.

    The fact that there hasn’t been a conflict, an assault on North Korea by America, has truly been a blessing from the Almighty. The saying ‘only God knows’ is truly applicable here. Only God knows what would have transpired if President Trump had launched he first missile of assault.

    Arms dealers, in general, do not have a good name. They are seen to be people who ignite and fuel wars worldwide for their own financial benefit, but that is not true. I think Dr. Prince Moosa Bin Shamsher has elevated the image of arms dealers to a much higher level of respect in the eyes of the public and shown to the world that people are more important than money.

    If I were he, I would not worry, if I never received a citation from President Trump or the Nobel Peace prize for what I did for humanity, although I might be deserving of both. The hearts of millions of people worldwide, who are aware of the goings-on behind the scenes, are united in beating out ‘thank you’ to him. And like your first baby’s heartbeat, that must be one of the most beautiful sounds imaginable.

    Like Mr Khan, I, too recommend all Zambian Eye readers who want to familiarize themselves with all the facts that almost triggered World War III to visit the YouTube website and search for the video “Trump almost triggered World War III”?

    Ono Iqbal
    August 14, 2018 at 5:55 pm

  3. “Trump almost triggered World War III”? – Impossible! – That’s not the Donald Trump I know.

    The President of America Donald Trump I know is incapable of achieving anything on a grand scale and, let’s face it, World War III would be colossal!

    Joking aside, it is not a very comforting thought to know that we came so close to World War III, if not for the intervention of a Bangladeshi based arms dealer, Dr. Prince Moosa Bin Shamsher.

    I sometimes feel that Donald Trump views the presidency of America as another one of his TV reality shows, complemented with Tweets to enhance the ratings.

    I hate to think what would have happened if Dr. Prince Moosa Bin Shamsher had been ill or something like that. He being the only person in the world to know the true facts about the nuclear strength of North Korea, apart from North Korea itself, for example, and not in a position to warn/stop Trump.

    Newsweek, or one of those authoritative American publications, asked the question, “is Trump itching for war” and I ask the same thing. He visited North Korea with that thought in mind, but ‘they were not at home’, so he’s now moving on to Iran.

    We all know from our personal life, if you go shopping, seeking what you really want, eventually you’ll find it, includin war.

    Surely the warning from Dr. Prince Moosa Bin Shamsher should be sufficient to stop the war monger in his tracks or are there people out there who do not adhere to the ‘once bitten, twice shy’ principle?

    It is common knowledge billions of dollars are made from wars. Dr. Prince Moosa Bin Shamsher himself has $USA 12-billion held up in litigation by a Swiss bank, which, according to European publications, is due to be released soon.

    If he, one man, can accumulate $USA 12-billion, how many more wealthy fat-cats are created by man-made wars?

    Ask yourself the question what has North Korea or Iran done to deserve the wrath of the USA? – The answer is NOTHING, but a war with either presents a wonderful opportunity to distract attention from America’s economic woes and fill large pockets of some shameless people with repulsive amounts of cash.

    Sometimes it makes you wonder if there is a God.

    Dr. Sabini Hatyoka
    August 15, 2018 at 6:00 pm

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