Admit you were dribbled by PF, Mutati challenged

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Felix Mutati

Felix Mutati

A member of the Nevers Mumba MMD faction Tobby Maliti has challenged the Mutati faction to admit that they are a lawless bunch who have been dribbled by the PF and apologize to the party for the disaster that took place in Kabwe last month.

Reacting to the threats coming from the Mutati faction, Maliti has challenged Nakacinda to stop defending the indefensible but come out in the open that they made a disastrous mistake and in the process misled and destroyed political careers of many people around the country, especially in Eastern province, who are now confused and stranded.  

Maliti said Mutati and group must accept that the PF did a ‘donchi kubeba’ on them using Rupiah Banda and President Lungu where Mutati had been hood-winked that if he could to overtake Nevers Mumba after the fake ‘alliance text message’ from President Lungu and fake reconciliation efforts by RB, he would get the running-mate position. 

He said Mutati does not learn lessons and fell in the same ‘sangwapo’ trap with the  UPND in 2015, when he rushed to overtake Nevers Mumba  by  rushing to fly round the country to campaign with HH thinking he would get the Vice-President position  if they won. 

Maliti said now that the ‘convention dust’ had settled, the Mutati group should come clean and address simple and straight-forward questions on the illegality of the Kabwe gathering.

He has charged that Mutati has no respect for the MMD Constitution nor the Republican Constitution because he knew that the Lusaka High Court had upheld his expulsion from the MMD  but casually brushed that aside and  proceeded  to organize that gathering in Kabwe with impunity.   He challenged the conveners of the gathering, Mbulakulima and Nakacinda, to tell the nation that they were  on suspension from the party at the time of the gathering and had no mandate to convene that gathering.  He also challenged them to release the delegate list to assess its authenticity.

Maliti has said the whole exercise was a comedy drama ‘starring’ Mutati,  who was sure of getting the running mate position but was suddenly  dribbled when President Lungu announced that  his running mate was Inonge Wina, in full view of  his Godfather RB, who had been rushed from Kabwe by a ZAF helicopter to Heroes’  Stadium usng taxapyers’ money  to ‘deliver’ the MMD to PF.

On 6th June, 2016, the Daily Nation carried a story attributed to former Lunte MP Felix Mutati, threatening to discipline and ‘sort out’ Dr. Mumba for questioning the legality of the said convention. 


4 Responses to Admit you were dribbled by PF, Mutati challenged

  1. Really the Zambia Daily Nation in particular under the Leadership of Richard Sakala has shown a lot of unprofessionalism and biasness in reporting on this Mutati issue.Earlier on they reported that:Mutati duly expelled by Court;And now the same paper is not questioning what has transpired and which court reinstated Mutati as a duly member of the MMD.To them Mutati has cleared himself of the expulsion and is now duly elected un opposed presdident for the Movement for Mutati Democracy(mmd).This wako ni wako reporting because of the uninspiring leadership of the shameless sangwapo president Rupiah,just to back him up is very sad.Mutati and Rupiah are no best of friends,but over their common hatred for Dr Mumba,they’ve surprisingly become friends.This is like the Bible story where the two unfriendly kings to each other,became friends over their common hatred of Jesus.Sad indeed.Where to,Zambian Politics?

    The Media Analyst
    June 11, 2016 at 12:42 pm

    • @ This is Richard Sakala,the jail-bird for you.His reporting over the MMD Leadership of Dr Mumba is so biased that any well meaning Zambian can see it.Rupiah and Mutati hit Headlines all the time even when there’s no news worthy story.He is trying to compete with the Post.He’s so bitter with the Post because,he thinks,it’s due to their reporting that sent him to jail during the FTJ government.He’s doing revenge in the wrong way.

      MMD Obsever
      June 11, 2016 at 12:59 pm

    • Bushe?

      Fire Fighter
      June 11, 2016 at 2:23 pm

  2. Surely how can a non-Club member(expelled)become a president of the same club?.This is very interesting,even our ‘learned’ lawyer ECL acknowledging this illegality,by introducing this imposter Mutati as the new mmd president.ECL is a danger to democracy and can not be trusted to uphold our country constitution.No wonder,he became PF president by lifting of hands-One wonders,if all those who raised hands were indeed bonafide PF members.Maybe that’s why he’s supporting Mutati illegality,because he too,is a product of illegality.Zambia deserves better and needs a fresh start.Save us God from this Rupiah/ECL evil, before Zambia becomes a banana republic,where illegalities become normal things.

    Sir Nyambe
    June 11, 2016 at 1:14 pm

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