Illegal PF ministers must pay back at once – HH

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HH addressing a rally in Mpika

UPND presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema has demanded that all the PF ministers pay back what they have accumulated during their illegal stay in office with immediate effect and as ruled by the Constitutional Court.

And Hichilema has welcomed today’s ruling by the Constitutional Court that PF ministers have been holding onto public office illegally, saiying it vindicates his stance that the ruling party has been abusing its position during the campaign period in a desperate attempt to hold onto power at any cost.

“We can only describe such an act by PF as daylight robbery from the people by an outgoing government,” Hichilema said in a statement.

“We have regularly advised the PF on the need to cut excessive government expenditures and channel these resources to other needy sectors, but President Edgar Lungu and his PF have been a greedy leadership.

“This ruling shows how President Lungu and his ministers have no interest in serving Zambians, but only themselves.”

He warned that if they do not pay back as ruled by the Court, once voted into power, his government will ensure that they pay back the money.

“Our government, by God’s grace and courtesy of the people of Zambia, will focus on lowering the cost of living, creating better jobs, and delivering quality education and healthcare.”



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