8,000 heavy duty vehicles evade taxes

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The Zambia Revenue Authority has unearthed a scam where over 8,000 heavy duty vehicles that have been smuggled into the country.

ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda says the trucks including earthmoving machinery were dubiously imported into the country costing government K408 million kwacha loss in taxes.

In order to encourage growth of the Manufacturing sector and industrialisation, government gives incentives to businesses engaged in manufacturing or industrialisation related sectors by suspending VAT on heavy duty Vehicles for those who qualify for the facility.

Sikalinda says this facility has however been abused by both clearing agents and importers who have been dubiously importing these vehicles by making false declarations and abrogating of the law.

The authority has so far revoked 136 clearing licenses for clearing companies and blocked their Tax Payer Identification numbers (TPINS) on the Asycuda world System.

He adds that the authority will publish the first batch of heavy duty trucks that were imported dubiously and another list will be published next week.

Sikalinda has since called upon the owners of these vehicles to report at the Inspectorate and Customs Enforcement unit within 14 days from date of publication.

He has appealed to all people who know they imported these heavy duty trucks and earth moving machinery but did not pay taxes to comply as investigations continue and more clearing agents and Vehicles will be published.

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Start: 2019-07-01 End: 2019-07-31