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7 Fun Facts About Blackjack Casino Gaming

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With a low house edge, good odds, and easy-to-learn rules, Blackjack has become a popular casino game in Zambia. Many people have gained interest in it, and more such individuals are likely to join the squad

And why shouldn’t they? To ace this game, all it requires is to find a good betway casino Zambia and be familiar with gaming strategy. That’s pretty much it! 

Now, there are several fun facts associated with Blackjack casino gaming. Here are the top 7 ones that you must know: 

  • French Roots

Did you know Blackjack has a French connection? The game that has been dominating many online and offline casinos nowadays has got its name from the French term Vingt-et-Un (that means 21). While many people debate it, the researchers have agreed that Blackjack shares French roots. In fact, it is derived from another card game called Chemin de Fer. 

When the game was first played in casinos, they were offered a payout of 10:1 on Blackjack. It has gained popularity ever since and is standing strong today! 

  • Longest Blackjack Dealing Stands at 51 hours and 33 minutes

You read that right! A dealer spent 51 hours and 33 minutes dealing with Blackjack between 24 to 27 August 2001. The dealer’s name was Stephen De Raffaele, and he worked as a pit clerk at Oracle casino, Qawra, Malta. The Oracle casino is also the place where the Blackjack dealing record was set. 

Raffaele received acknowledgement and a certificate from the Guinness book of world records for his prolonged gameplay. 

  • You Only Have a 4.8% Chance of Natural Blackjack.

Blackjack is fun for sure, but you have to keep your hopes high when playing the game. That’s because every player wants to get a natural Blackjack. However, the odds of that happening are about 4.8% (in a single deck). This means there’s a chance that only one in 21 Blackjack hands could be “the one”. The possibility is there, plus it’s an exciting game to play, so you must hang in there. 

  • Card Dispense or a High Heel Shoe? 

Have you ever wondered why the card dispenser of the Blackjack game is called a shoe? Well, the reason goes back to the time when the device was invented in the first place. It’s said that the name was inspired by a woman’s high-heeled shoes back then. Those heels were also red and black in colour. 

  • Napoleon Bonaparte was a Blackjack Fan! 

You may know Napoleon for being a military commander and the former French emperor. But did you know he was also a Blackjack fan? Napoleon played Blackjack after a battle to relax and celebrate his victory against his foes. Ironically, he didn’t allow his soldiers to play card games, as he believed it would be distracting for them. 

  • 16 is the Lowest Hand in Blackjack

Not many people are fond of hard 16 in Blackjack. But it’s the lowest yet the most common hand in Blackjack. That’s because, at 16, you are likely to lose more than you can win. Of course, the game can be saved by trying out the best betting strategies

  • Cut Cards? It’s Time to Shuffle

If you have played Blackjack, you must have seen a cut card between the deck. That particular card is used for multiple purposes. While it covers the bottom of the card deck, it’s also an indicator that it’s time to shuffle. So, next time you get a cut card while playing Blackjack, you know what to do!


So, these were the seven fun facts on your favourite Blackjack games. Which of these facts did you find the most interesting? 



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