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Advantage Play in Online Casinos: Is it Possible

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The world of gambling is vast with an ocean of people from all over the world associated with it. Gambling is an interesting activity and it can be quite rewarding but the road simply divides into two with one leading to advantage and the other one leading to a loss.

Now, its not up to you or me to decide which side to choose. But there are some ways which can make coin of fate land in your Favor. And advantage play is one of them. Now what is advantage play?

We will look into it soon but before that, let’s answer our main question. So, is advantage play possible in online casinos?

Advantage play online casino:

This is our main question here. Is advantage play possible in online casinos? The answer is rather simple. Advantage play is not possible in online gambling. There are multiple reasons for this. Let’s jump straight to them.



Advantage play is a vital aspect of gambling and you need to be in your complete senses and focus in order to implement it. A person doesn’t get the perfect environment where he/she practices advantage gambling when doing it online.

On the other hand, physical casino offer the best environment in which you can practice it freely without losing any of your focus or attention. As an example, physical slot machines are different as compared to online slot machines, that only work on a random algorithm. This makes biased results which is bad for their reputation.


Advantage play exploits a certain set of techniques and methods that can only be implemented physically. On the other hand, we cannot use any of these advantage gambling methods in online casino games. This puts this side at a certain disadvantage.

Safety and Security:

Safety and security is one of the major concerns these days with online betting. Although there are reliable solutions for network security problems but with strong hacking trends around, you cannot simply trust handing over your money to different gambling sites. This puts online gambling at a big disadvantage over physical betting.

Advantage Gambling, Online vs Physical:

As an overall decision, there are multiple factors that support physical casino over online ones. As mentioned above, advantage gambling requires a certain set of techniques and methods some of which cannot be implemented online.

This puts online casino at a certain disadvantage over the physical ones. Then there is the security issue that is of major concern as well. So overall, there is more than one factor saying that advantage play in online casino is not possible.

Now let’s head to the next section and have a detailed look at advantage gambling.

Advantage Gambling:

For those who are not familiar with the term, advantage play refers the use of legal methods in order to get advantage relative to the house or other players. The one who uses advantage play techniques is referred as an advantage player.

The gambling of today is quite different as compared to the one from the past. Now, there is a greater number of games with greater rewards which, raises the risk of losing as well.

In this article, we will be discussing about advantage play, how it is used in gambling. We will also highlight advantage play in online casinos, its possibility and its comparison with the one used in physical casinos. So, without further a due, let’s get to it.

How does advantage play work?

Many of you still wonder, how is it possible for a person to turn a game that is purely based on luck to your favor. Well, the thing is actually possible with advantage play. Now, how does this thing work?

Mainly, the fact that gambling works on pure luck is not true at all. In fact, you can gain a significant advantage in it. The main trick lies in a bunch of techniques which the user can follow in order to gain an advantage. These techniques are introduced by professional bettors by using years of experience in the field. Unlike cheating, these techniques are allowed and can be freely used in different games.

There are some advanced techniques which carry a large risk and can get you banned from the casino, while some are risk free and can be used multiple times at multiple casinos. We will be looking at some of these techniques below.

Advantage play techniques:

Estimated Value:

Now this one is actually a standard in betting. Estimated value, more commonly known as EV, is a calculated value that simply tells whether you should take the offer or not.

EV works as a guide for players to know which thing should work in their favor and which would not. Calculated with a simple formula, EV keeps all the factors into account including bonus, wagering requirements and the house edge giving you the value of loss. A positive EV value indicates profit over time while a negative one shows loss over time.

EV is one of the most important factors and needs to be considered by advantage players.

EV = Bonus – (wagering requirements * house edge)

Casino Deals:

Casinos often provide bonus deals to their players in order to promote their name. These deals mostly include free spins, free bonuses, free bets and many others. These deals are like an apple pie served in a plate by the casino and there is absolutely no risk in taking them.

Just one minor thing you need to keep in mind. In some cases, these deals work in both ways providing benefit for one time but bounding the player or his cash for a certain time limit, which is bad and needs to be avoided.

Casino Bonuses:

Now this one has some juice in it. This is another thing offered by casinos to publicize their name in order to attract more people. Certain casinos offer bonuses to people on their cash deposits. If used intelligently, these bonuses can be quite rewarding for long-term purposes.

Although casino bonuses are very useful, there is one thing that needs to be considered which is wagering requirements. If you wants things to go the right way, always prefer choosing low wagering requirements.

House Edge:

The first thing you need to get familiar with is the house edge. In words of Michael Piggot, spokesman for Australia’s largest betting agency, Tabcorp;

“It’s important that people don’t think that they can win, because you can’t win in gambling. You can win for a little while but you can’t win in the long run”

You might not believe it but no matter how many games you play, you cannot beat the house. This is because of the house edge. Actually, when you place a bet in a casino, the house keeps a certain amount from the money as a means to cover its costs, maintenance and other needs. This gives them a prominent advantage over the player.

In other terms, the more you bet against the house, the more profit its going to make which also make you the loser majority of times.

Advantage play using house edge:

Before going into details, let’s make this clear that no matter how many games you play, the actual chance of you beating the house are extremely low despite the only chance you win the game.

The most suitable way is to choose a particular game with the lowest house edge value. This will not remove all chances of you losing any money but the loss will be considerably low. The best way is to shift to a game with the least house edge giving the least profit to the casino.

In this case, we recommend you going with Blackjack. Blackjack is the only game with the lowest house edge of 0.5%. This means that at each bet of $100, you lose $0.5 which increases with more bets. This will save the person from greater losses.

Risk free bonuses:

Here is a perk offered by Africa Casino to players. Risk free bonus is a small amount of money offered by the casino to the person as a gift. It is totally up to the person to use that money. He/she can use that extra money in different games. The casino then raises no concern whether the person lose his/her bet with the money or whether he wins with it.

This is a low-risk method and used by most advantage gamblers at the start of their careers.

Advantage play in sports betting:

Advantage play can also be used effectively and efficiently in sports betting. Just like simple betting, there are some techniques which can help you score some valuable points in your favorite games.

Let’s have a look at these techniques.

Arbitrage Betting:

This is an extremely useful technique used in advantage gambling. It simply guarantees your chances of winning. Arbitrage bet works by making the user going for the all outcomes of the bet to get the win. Instead of luck, the user gets straight to the result.

This technique makes the best use of market inefficiency and offers multiple opportunities for advantage gamblers.

Other than that, it is completely free of risks which means that you can take your chances with this one without any worries.

Arbitrage method is one of the methods that offers a 100% profit. However, it has only one disadvantage. It is extremely sensitive to mistakes. Therefore, you need a good practice and knowledge before trying it.

Matched Betting:

This is another one of the best advantage play techniques. Matched betting works by the player betting against himself in order to cancel out the risk on the other bet against the online bookies. The technique is simply called “matching”.

Matched betting has a number of advantages. First, it requires no technical skills or knowledge and can be played by new players as well unlike arbitrage method.

Secondly, it is completely free of risks and you can rely on it. After that, it is highly rewarding and can offer a large value of profit within no time.

Lastly, it can be played online from all over the world.


Overall, we can say that online betting poses a number of disadvantages as compared to the other one. First, it lacks the proper environment you need to place your bets.

Secondly, there is a set of techniques and methods used in advantage gambling which cannot be can be implemented in online casino games.

Other than this, online betting raises major safety and security concerns. You cannot risk putting a lot of money on a random betting site.

This makes us believe that advantage play is impossible in online betting.

After that, we got a fair share of knowledge about what advantage play is. There is a number of techniques an advantage player uses to help him win the game. Some of the best techniques include casino deals, casino bonus, estimated value, risk free bonus and many others.

By gaining good knowledge of these techniques, a better can gain an advantage in form of a significant mathematical edge over the house which can make him/her win some money.

Lastly, advantage gambling can be used in sports betting as well. Some of the best techniques include matched betting, arbitrage betting and many more.


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