46 arrested in Chingola ‘brothels’

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BY 08:30 hours on Wednesday, most of the rooms at the motels were fully booked. While that may not be bad for business, the only problem with the three motels is that most of their clients were suspected prostitutes.

When Chingola Municipal Council (CMC), working with the Zambia Police, raided Chingola, Pentagon and Munsunshya motels on Wednesday, they found packets of used and unused condoms scattered around the rooms.

And apart from overcrowding, most of the rooms had poor sanitation. The authorities were in no doubt that they were dealing with people from the oldest profession.

Of the 46 arrested, 36 are females. They are all currently in police custody while the owners of Chingola and Musunshya motels will be prosecuted for operating without the right documentation.

Some of the residents talked to by the Daily Mail expressed happiness with the closure of the motels, saying they have been known to accommodate prostitutes who seem to have set permanent residence there.

“These places are known as brothels and it is not a secret, it is just surprising that the local authority has decided to act now by raiding the place..”

-Zambia Daily Mail


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