PF throws Mutati into FTJ University saga

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Felix Mutati

MINISTER of Technology and Science Felix Mutati was yesterday handed a political handball by his former bedmates in the vanquished Patriotic Front over the FTJ University embezzlement of US$ 33 million saga.

Mutati, a veteran political survivor who has has drank tea in Cabinets of Rupiah Banda, Micheal Sata, Edgar Lungu and now Hakainde Hichilema has been caught in the web of his long zig-zagging political career.

At a presser at the once mighty PF Secretariat, former Higher Education Minister Prof Nkandu Luo and former Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilanga with backing vocals from former Justice Minister Given Lubinda pointed a hard and erect accusing finger at their former Cabinet colleague and Finance Minister over the missing money.

In separate statements, Luo and Chilangwa said the Higher Education Ministry and Luapula Province Administration that they respectively led did not handled cash for University but it was Mutati’ Ministry of Finance that handled the missing cash.

The PF team said the infamous “mfwiti-mfwiti” that the New Dawn government was looking for over the missing cash was warmly sitting in Bally’s Cabinet and it is him they should ask.

The FTJ University saga has laid bare the torn underwear of corruption in the previous regime with US$ 33 million spent to build a University but only God’s green grass and a pit latrine stand at the construction site.

Kalemba May 13, 2022


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