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Zimbabwe extends national lockdown with a further 14 days

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Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has announced that the national 21-day lockdown which started on 30 March and was expected to end today, has been extended by a further 14-days with immediate effect.

He said this decision has been arrived at after noticing the continued rise in the cases of coronavirus in the country, region and the world at large and added that this would be subject to review.

Zimbabwe now has 25 confirmed and 3 deaths.

Mnangagwa also said he extended the lockdown after taking note of the warning given by the World Health Organisation that early lifting of lockdowns could trigger a resurfacing of the virus even more deadlier.

Mnangagwa added that the country’s security forces will remain deployed on the ground to supposedly facilitate the movement of citizens.

The extension comes at the time many citizens who survive from hand to mouth, as the country is mainly informal, are struggling.


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