Zimbabwe announces stiff lockdown with immediate effect

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ZIMBABWE: The Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Constantino Chiwenga has announced stiff lockdown measures with immediate effect.

Chiwenga who is also Vice President, told a media briefing this evening that the move has been necessitated by the upsurge of coronavirus cases in the country.

Below are the highlights from his press statement on the lockdown:

• Stiff lockdown with immediate effect

• Only essential services to remain open

• Gatherings of not more than 30 people at funerals

• Weddings, funerals, gyms, restaurants, bars etc banned for 30 days

• Correct wearing of face masks, social distancing, hand sanitization and temp checks to be strictly enforced

• Other commercial services mining, manufacturing and agriculture to operate as before

• Open from 8am and close at 3pm

• People must stay at home save for buying food or medicines etc

• Curfew 6pm to 6am

• Air transport to continue as before

• Formal business and registered informal traders suspended for 30 days

• Only exam classes are to open now

• facilities and national parks to operate subject to usual health conditions

• Cross border traders banned save for commercial and transit cargo for essential and critical services

• Restaurants and bars closed for 30 days


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