ZCID too insignificant to derail dialogue

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Lungu and HH

The Church as the leaders of the dialogue process should find a way of side stepping the tricks by ZCID of frustrate the process.

ZCID is an organisation whose board members represent all political parties and it is therefore ludicrous for them to stand against the needs of the very parties they represent, unless they are serving the interest of one particular culprit party. It is possible ZCID want to control funds in order to limit the activities of the dialogue process.

For this reason interested funders of the dialogue process should consider funding the churches directly and not allow these sitting allowance vultures to lay their hands on such funds. The PF vuvuzela are so quick to publicize whatever in-house issues are happening so far because they want the public to lose confidence in the process.

PF is scared of a stronger electoral process because they are riggers. They are scared of a fair public order act because they are not popular anymore. They are scared of judicial reforms because a weak concourt is their last line of defense.

They are scared of honest discussions in the dialogue process that could expose them. That is the reason why they didn’t want an international mediator. The Church must be as resolute as they have always been and put Zambians first.

Not any president of any political party or the demands of the government should sway them form the issues that really matter.

The Church has defeated tougher enemies than the toothless ZCID and if ZCID tries to stand in the way of the church, the church should just continue moving forward as long as Zambians are behind and Christ ahead of them no one will stop them.

Richard W


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