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ZANU-PF’s food for votes ploy leaves a bad state

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The African Diaspora Forum (ADF) has condemned the dishing out of food packages by Zimbabwean politicians who are trying to woo voters.

Zimbabwe is going ahead with general elections in August in a hotly contested environment that has drawn the eyes of the world in the direction of the once-prosperous country.

Today, many Zimbabweans are expats in other African countries and abroad because of the poor economic and political climate there.

A spokesperson for the ADF on Zimbabwean affairs, Ngqabutho Mabhena, said it was said that 43 years after independence, Zimbabweans were still offered food for their votes.

“The election in Zimbabwe is not based on improving the material condition of the people of Zimbabwe; you have those that have access to money and those that are in the looting class, whether they are in the opposition or whether they are in the ruling party. Those that use donor funds for purposes of buying voters by giving them freebies,” Mabhena said.

Mabhena said a democratic election decades after independence should be conducted with integrity and with the aim of ensuring fairness for all parties represented.



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