Zambians’ salt intake a source of concern

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Zambia Heart and Stroke Foundation has called on the Ministry of Health and relevant authorities to regulate the amount of salt in processed foods on the Zambian market. Speaking on a radio program facilitated by Texila American University, the foundation’s Center for Primary Care Research President Professor Fastone Goma bemoaned the high amount of salt being consumed by Zambians, which is twice the recommended amount. He revealed that according to the World Health Organization, an individual should eat no more than 5grams of salt a day, while many Zambians eat more than 9grams of salt per day. Professor Goma, a Medical Doctor with a Master of Science in Cardiorespiratory Physiology, attributed the high number of High Blood Pressure cases to the alarmingly high intake of salt, among other causes. He said the key to reducing the cases of High Blood Pressure in the country is dietary adjustment and lifestyle changes.
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Professor Goma who is also a Public Health specialist also called on local authorities to invest in proper walkways on Zambian roads to encourage people to walk and jog more. He emphasized the need for exercise to be part of people’s lifestyle. He further encouraged Zambians, especially women, to lose excess weight. He said the high number of overweight women is a source of concern.
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Professor Goma was speaking on Lifestyle Program on Radio Christian Voice, facilitated by Texila American University, in Lusaka.


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