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Zambian Breweries has marketing geniuses!

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By Dingindaba Jonah Buyoya

Icon lager? Well, over the years, a lot of Zambians have enjoyed the taste of our internationally recognised beverage, Mosi. While that’s the case, there’s been a good number still, that has not believed in Mosi simply because it is Zambian.

How can this second group be converted? The ZB team decided to package Mosi into a non existent brand, Icon. It was strategically put on the market for a few people to taste and make reviews. Shockingly, a lot of people enjoyed the drink and just kept ordering more, even if they “don’t drink Mosi”.

Yesterday, ZB revealed to everyone that this whole time, they’ve been drinking our very own Mosi. Icon doesn’t exist. Only Mosi does! Now, you have every reason to believe that our locally produced and proudly Zambian product is of fine quality and very well capable of carrying the same prestige as we would love.

Today is Friday. Order yourself a Mosi.?



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