Zambian Breweries backs RTSA road safety campaign

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Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba receiving a cheque from Zambian Breweries country director Annabelle Degroot.

Zambian Breweries has handed over a K200,000 cheque to the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) as part of its partnership, support and commitment to ensuring road safety.

Zambian Breweries has a standing partnership and commitment with RTSA. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which the two-signed last year is aimed at curbing drink driving and ensuring safety on the roads with a view to reducing road accidents.

During the handover of the cheque at the Ministry of Transport and Communications offices in Lusaka, Zambian Breweries country director Annabelle Degroot said the company was committed to its cause of ensuring responsible drinking and maintaining its awareness programmes to  ensure safe driving

“At Zambian Breweries safety is one of the key concerns in our plants and  on the roads  because our staff spend many hours driving to  distribute and sell our products. Equally as important are our consumers and  their safety which is key to the success of our business and to the community,” she said

“We have a dream to create a better world and that can only be achieved with a safe and healthy environment and community. Safety on the roads involves many habits: using safety belts, not texting while driving, observing speed limits but of course of most importance to us is not to drink and drive, and that message is what we need to continue to get across to our consumers and our staff.  As Zambian Breweries, we think it’s our responsibility to share that message with everybody but also to give our commitment to the government on the road safety campaign.”

Mrs Degroot also said the money given to RTSA was for road safety materials such as breathalysers and the “Don’t drink and drive” campaign.

She cautioned road users to be cautious and not to drink and drive as they head to the Mosi Day of Thunder, which takes place this Saturday (April 29) in Livingstone.

“We expect between 12,000 to 15,000 people. So many people will be traveling, everybody attending this festival should stay safe on the road and should not don’t drink and drive.”

Minister of Transport and Communications Hon Brian Mushimba commended Zambian Breweries  for its commitment to responsible drinking and curbing drink driving despite being producers of beer.

He said government was humbled by the company’s gesture and the funds provided to RTSA. He called on other corporate players to emulate Zambian Breweries.

“Emulate the company and come forward to help RTSA with the good noble cause and bring sanity on roads,” he said. “I am very humbled with the gesture. You (ZB) have continued to work with us. Your money is going to a good cause saving lives on the roads.” He commended ZB for taking responsibility for encouraging responsible alcohol consumption and behaviour.

RTSA acting director and chief executive officer Gladwell Banda said the money given by Zambian Breweries would help accelerate road safety activities and collaborations to a higher level.

He said RTSA had continued to record cases of drink driving, an indication that more needed to be done to reduce cases of people driving under the influence of alcohol.

“To achieve this, we will depend on collaborative efforts like the one we are witnessing today and, many others from various partners while we take a leading role as mandated by law to ensure motorists comply with all road traffic regulations,” Mr Banda said.
He said the agency would continue prosecuting motorists found drunk and driving.

Zambian Breweries signed an agreement in 2016 with RTSA reinforcing its ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ programme. The campaign promotes responsible drinking and encourages the concept of alternatives to drinking and driving, such as hiring a driver, renting a cab or designating a buddy.


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