Zambia is all we have

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This country is all we have and all we shall ever have. This is our dreamland and not some foreign place many miles away.

A prosperous Zambia is our only promised land. Don’t go looking for a city of gold, when you have every ability to coat Lusaka or Choma or Kitwe or Mansa with gold. That is why all those with the privilege and honor of serving the people should always remember that their role is to secure the future.

The only way we shall make Zambia better is if we do it for our children, so that our children will also do it for theirs. That is what change is made of. That is what spells progress, a thought for the future in every law we make, every resource we spend and every asset we own. That is what leadership is all about. Leaders should be thinking about future generations and not future elections. Leaders should prioritize education and not limit information. Leaders should create and protect jobs and not preoccupy themselves with ballots. Leaders should give citizen what they need and deserve and not appeasements. Citizens should chose leaders based on competence and not patronage.

The struggle continues…

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