Zambia in blood deficit

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Zambia National Blood Transfusion Services director Joseph Mulenga says the country has a blood deficit to meet demand of people requiring transfusion.

Dr Mulenga says the blood bank needs to collect 150 thousand units of blood but usually collects in the range of 120 thousand units and 130 thousands units.

He however said the institution will however this year collect the targeted 150 thousand units of safe blood.

Dr Mulenga was speaking in Lusaka during a blood donation exercise held by the Hindu society.

He said the organisation will continue to advocate for the sufficient collection of blood to improve service delivery in the country.

And health permanent Secretary Peter Mwaba says the government wants to reduce maternal deaths.

Meanwhile charotar patidar samaj trustee Pravin Patez says the Hindu community through its social responsibility has decided to donate blood to help meet the deficit.

He said the donation of blood will enable people in need to have access to the service when need arise – ZNBC.


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