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Zambeef’s ‘E18team’ film hits the road

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Pic 2 - Zambeef head of marketing Chitundu Chanda at the Chingola roadsh...

Football frenzy hit the Copperbelt at the weekend as the Zambeef in Your Town roadshow treated an eager public to free screenings of its e18hteam film.

The Zambeef festival kicked off in Kabwe on Thursday, reaching Chingola on Friday and then Kitwe on Saturday, spreading excitement across the Copperbelt to the delight of football fans and proud Zambians across the area.

Thousands of people got to see the award-winning e18hteam film, which highlighs the journey of the Chipolopolo Boys leading up to the AFCON championship of 2012.

It will be Kaoma’s turn to see the film this Friday (August 14), followed by Mongu on Saturday (August 15).

“Zambeef has always been a great fan of the game and we have supported it in many ways over the years and we continue to do so with projects such as the e18hteam. But most importantly, we hope to see an inspired new generation of history makers. If our team could do it against all odds, and we are all team Zambia, what’s then to stop us from achieving even greater things,” said Zambeef Joint Chief Executive Officer Carl Irwin.Pic 3 - Members of the Zambeef roadshow crew arrive in Kitwe

The Zambeef-sponsored film captures Zambian football’s most defining moments – from the lows of the 1993 Gabon air crash to the highs of the 2012 AFCON. The sponsorship by Zambeef is the country’s largest local corporate sponsorship ever to have been given towards an arts project.

Zambia’s Ngosa Chungu co-produced the film with her Spanish counterpart Juan Rodriguez-Brisco, and it has been internationally recognised and most recently showcased this year at Cannes in France.

Zambeef is an avid supporter of football and has sponsored football teams playing in leagues and at community level that have groomed footballers at the grassroots including AFCON 2012 squad member James Chamanga.Pic 1 - Zambeef roadshow in Kabwe

Zambeef’s own Zamleather division makes the popular Kaleza Z-12 model leather football boots, the first of its kind to be locally designed and manufactured in Zambia. It is also home to the Alive & Kicking employment-generation project, which makes quality leather soccer balls that carry health messages and are distributed to underprivileged teams nationwide.

The e18hteam is a co-production by Zambia’s Ngosa Chungu and her Spanish counterpart Juan Rodriguez-Brisco and has been internationally recognised. It was recently showcased this year at Cannes in France. The sponsorship by Zambeef is the country’s largest local corporate sponsorship ever to have been given towards an arts project.

Following its success in the Copperbelt, the Zambeef in your Town Dibili roadshow will be in Kaoma on August 14; Mongu on August 15; Choma on August 21; Livingstone on August 22; Chipata on August 29 and Mansa on September 5.


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