YEA interview with Zimbabwean multimillionaire Philip Chiyangwa

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From Left to Right (Leonard Sakala, Kakosa Nsofwa, Philip Chiyangwa and Chipindi Caleb Fundanga)

From Left to Right (Leonard Sakala, Kakosa Nsofwa, Philip Chiyangwa and Chipindi Caleb Fundanga)

The Young Entrepreneurs Association of Zambia sat down interview with Zimbabwean multi-millionaire and current President of the Zimbabwe Football Association Dr. Philip Chiyangwa for an exclusive interview.

YEA: Dr. Chiyangwa what made you decide to run for the presidency of your Football Club?

Dr. Chiyangwa: Zimbabwean Football had gone down and people needed to look forward to having a happy football generation. I saw myself as the best candidate and I believe I will repay the nation with splendid work. I see my as having the best players on the continent and with the right support the team can achieve a lot.

YEA: Dr Chiyangwa when did you start your business and how did you start?

Dr. Chiyangwa: I started business as a young man 35 years ago. In business you consistently need to look forward to grooming yourself. You have to be honest, realistic and focused. I consider myself to be a living legend.

YEA: What type of business are you invested in?

Dr. Chiyangwa: I make most of my money from real estate. I buy and sell property. I have several properties including hotels, some which are under construction and I also own shopping centers. I also own one of the biggest engineering firms in Zimbabwe.

YEA: We hear you own a lot of luxury cars, what can you tell us about that?

Dr. Chiyangwa: I own a huge number of vehicles, I have a Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Transformer Limousine, Mercedes GL 63 and several Mercedes Benz vehicles. I had a 20 seater jet, I sold it. I want to buy another one which is bigger so that I could be carrying my football team.

YEA: Whats your advice to our Football Association of Zambia President Andrew Kamanga?

Dr. Chiyangwa: Andrew needs to improve from great Kalu. He should carry on Kalusha Bwalya’s Legacy. He should translate his business into the game.

YEA: What advice would you give Young Entrepreneurs Association of Zambia.

Dr. Chiyangwa: Have respect, Ask yourself, Why are you poor? Is it because of the Laws? Repeal the Laws to suit the wants and needs of the youth. In 1994 I formed the Affirmative Action Group whose aim was to advocate and defend the blacks it was aimed at stopping the execution of properties by the whites against the blacks.

YEA: Thank you very much again sir, It’s a great honor to meet with you.



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