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We shall summon Lungu – says Police Boss

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…As PF Vow To Escort Him

Police Inspector General Raphael Musamba has confirmed that the Police will summon former president Edgar Lungu.

And PF says the Party Cadres will turn up in numbers to excort Lungu to Police when he is summoned.

There has been inside information that Police were planning a night raid on Lungu following his remark that President Hakainde Hichilema may not go upto 2026.

Lungu himself confirmed last evening that he had received disturbing information that President Hichilema had instructed that Police ambush, abduct and detain Lungu like a criminal.

But Police Boss Musamba has told News Diggers, a private owned daily newspaper that Police plans to summon Lungu.

Musamba said Police want Lungu to substantiate his remarks on Hichilema not going upto 2026.

Commenting on Musamba’s confirmation PF says it’s party supporters will turn up in numbers to escort their leader.

And PF spokesperson Emmanuel Mwamba says Musamba’s actions will make President Hichilema fail.

What you can’t manage, you will damage Mwamba wrote;

6.5 million people face hunger, 1.6million people need food immediately, the country is facing the highest cost of living in recent memory, and has a serious economic crisis lying on the bed of legacy issues such as; poverty, high unemployment rate, diseases and lack of opportunities for young people, but both President Hakainde Hichilema and his team are preoccupied with what former President Edgar Lungu is doing or not doing, what he is saying or not saying.

Graphael Musamba is one of the reasons Hichilema will fall.

The man is extremely partisan and exercising powers in an irrational manner, causing unnecessary and prolonged detentions, arrests, and beaching the Constitution with impunity.

He is stopping political rallies, church gatherings, traditional Ceremonies and is letting the riotous UPND cadres run rampant.

The Human Rights Watch has cited the extra-judicial killings, torture and Police brutality and banning of political rallies as one of the many reasons human rights abuses cases were high and threatened democracy in Zambia.


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