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We have never wanted Kabimba…he is a danger – UPND

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UPND says Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba’s tribal lecture in Kalomo has shown that he is a danger to the nation.

Commenting on Kabimba’s address in Kalomo, Area Member of Parliament Request Muntanga told Zambian Eye in a telephone that ‘the man’ is a danger to himself and the nation.

“Kabimba is a danger to the nation at the rate he is moving,” Muntanga charged. “He only believes what favors him when he recruits members there is nothing wrong if others do its wrong.”

He claimed that the PF was not tribal saying himself as Chief Executive of the party was a Saala and not a Bemba.

“Other political parties want to use tribe as weapon against others. I am the Secretary General of this party but I am not Bemba. I am Saala from Chief Shakumbila,” Kabimba said. ”Guy Scott our Vice President does not even have a tribe in this country but he is vice president of our party, that is how much we respect ethnic diversity in our party.”

But Muntanga who is also the UPND Chairman for Mobilization charged that Kabimba was the one playing tribalism. He said the UPND was fed-up of the tribal talk and urged Kabimba to check the composition of his party and government.

On Kabimba’s claims that the UPND called him a traitor because he joined the PF instead of joining the UPND when he was from the Bantu Botatwe, Muntanga said that is a total lie. He said at no time did the UPND want Kabimba saying he was in Zambia Republican Party and the party even now does not need him.

“We don’t need Kabimba, he must also clear himself who his mother is and where she hails from,” Mutanga challenged Kabimba. Mutanga added: “He is the one playing tribalism against the people of Kalomo and Southern province.”

He said the UPND leadership was well represented regionally unlike the PF. He said UPND would not want to concentrate on trivial tribal issues of Kabimba. He urged Kabimba to talk about programmes and what his party in government was doing for the people.

“He has been singing the story of tribalism about Tongas. We are capable of hitting back on his tribal remarks but we are not interested,” Mutanga said. “ We want to discuss policies and programmes on how we are going to improve the lives of the people.”

Mutanga said the UPND has been winning elections even in other places which are perceived not to be its stronghold. “But when we win elections else like in Kafulafuta, Kabimba comes up with other reasons,” he charged.

The UPND Chairman for Mobilization has advised Kabimba to behalf exemplary and learn to draw a line between his two positions of Minister of Justice and Party General Secretary. He dismissed reports that Kabimba addressed a public rally in Kalomo saying he only addressed a handful of his party officials at Drive Inn Guest House.

On Southern province Minister Daniel Munkombwe that a strong wind was blowing in favour of PF, Muntanga said the UPND are used to such lies by Munkombwe.

“The wind of change of wind is favoring his belly. We used to Munkombwe’s statement. When he was supporting Banda he said everything was right but the results were different.



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