Use “Ba Kopala Laka” without my permission, and meet me in court- Sarafina Nthenga

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Copperbelt based comedian and socialite Sarafina Nthenga, alias Ba Kopala Laka, has threatened to sue people found using her slogan “Ba Kopala Laka” without her consent.

She says the slogan is her trademark.

In an interview with a local publication, Sarafina disclosed that “Ba Kopala Laka” is her registered brand and anyone who will use it without her permission will face legal action.

She added that she spent years to build her brand and spends a lot of money just to legally have rights to trademark.

Earlier in the day Sarafina, threatened renowned medical practitioner Dr. Aaron Mujajati, who made a Facebook post using the slogan Ba Kopala Laka while urging men to go for prostate cancer.

This prompted Sarafina to comment on Dr. Mujajati’s post asking him to stop using her brand which she said is legally owned by her.

The publication also noted that, it is reported that Sarafina once sued South African hip hop giant Casper Nyovest, for using her brand in one of the videos when he came to Zambia to perform at a colour fest.

It is reported that she won and got paid colossal sums of money.


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