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The government has closed Prime TV

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The government through the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has revoked Prime TV’s operating license, this was announced by the authority in a statement.

This happened when the case between the government is before the courts of law, after the station made a High Court application few weeke ago following the fallout.

Announcing the cancellation the IBA said it was necessary to to do so. Read the statement below:

The cancellation is pursuant to Section 29 (1) (j) and (k) of the IBA (Amendment) Act of 2010 which provides that the Board may cancel a broadcasting licence if:

“The cancellation of the licence is necessary in the interest of public safety, security, peace, welfare or good order”.

“The Board considers it appropriate in the circumstances of the case to do so”.

This means that Prime Television’s licence is now void and should be surrendered to the Authority.

Prime Television is at liberty to appeal against the decision of the Board to the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services within thirty (30) days, in accordance with Section 31 (1) of the IBA Amendment Act of 2010.

Josephine Mapoma


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