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The Gold Scandal, its far beyond the street

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The UPND is keen to portray that it’s boys from the street who did this.
Let us assume it was so, here are questions Government should answer;
1. Who cleared the plane? (A form is signed to clear a plane or helicopter for airspace and airport detailing the type and registration of the plane, manifest and nature of business)
2.Who authorized the plane to be parked at the Presidential Pavilion?(this requires Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zambia Airforce and State House to give authority and clear as this is a far restricted space for VVIP than the ordinary apron).
3. The State House security official who bolted with the $5million. Has he been captured? Is the recovery of the money done and secured?
4. There are various laws broken pertaining to foreign exchange regulations, illegal imports and illegal trade, anti- money laundering laws (one is only allowed to bring in $5000.00). Who is willing to break these various offences to let the crooks get away with it?
Just be aware that the crime of cover-up is usually far higher than the original crime.
We expect resignations or dismissals from Zambia Airports Corporation, Zambia Airforce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and State House!

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