The dirty kicks of rejected Masumba

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Sensing mounting dislike from the electorate in Mufumbwe and looming failure of being adopted as Mufumbwe MP by the ruling Party PF, Stephen Masumba is becoming desperate and now resorted to using violence, intimidation, and fear to have him adopted as Mufumbwe MP. He has reportedly ferried criminal elements into Mufumbwe to cause some kind of mayhem and intimidation who in their drunken stupor are going round chanting his name as the preferred candidate and at the same time casting fear in the body of voters. This he is doing to try and show that he has support to warranty his adoption. But the local people and traditional chiefs have out rightly rejected him. If people have lost confidence in someone such as the people of Mufumbwe have in Masumba, no matter what he tries to do, to hoodwink the powers that be, which adopt, he will fail lamentably to succeed both at adoption and as MP.
Whilst competition is health in any election, it must be ‘competition above board’, reverential in nature, that is, the kind that appeals to the conscious of peace and breeds harmony; the kind that convinces people into free moral will action and not the kind that thrusts them into frightened action. This election must be about character and confidence and not combat and false courage. Even President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has made it categorically clear that he wants credible people to be adopted on PF ticket and to contest elections.  So we candidly advise Masumba and the like to rethink their shallow approach of violent behavior, corruption and greedy.
In any case, why is Masumba so interested in remaining MP for Mufumbwe? Why are the old guards, the likes of Mulondwe Muzungu still pushing defiantly to be reelected to the seat of MP despite decades of having been in political office and quite in the evening of their lives? Is it a desire born out of selfless service for the people or only a craving for personal aggrandizement? Masumba especially has nothing serious to show in the years he has been MP except falsifying qualifications and being imprisoned for it, dancing and also dating other people’s wives? If PF want to add Mufumbwe as a loss statistic, let them field Masumba. They better adopt any of the other candidates that are competing rather than this player, and shallow minded individual who has lost respect for his electorate including the Chiefs.
Our advice is sincerely not out of jealous for Masumba, but because we are authentic PF Party stalwarts who for the love of the Party do not want to see it face embarrassing losses even when they can at best be avoided.
Viva PF, Viva 2016 Win; abash Masumba, abash mediocrity!!!

3 Responses to The dirty kicks of rejected Masumba


    May 11, 2016 at 9:06 am

  2. Masumba like Chagwa is a bumboclaat politician with no value in NWP!

    The Philosopher
    May 11, 2016 at 12:33 pm

  3. I would say abash Masumba and abash the entire PFools

    May 11, 2016 at 1:26 pm

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