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The curse of a cellular phone

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Cellular phones can either be a blessing or a curse; this is determined by the way in which they are being used by people.

In olden days people used to sound drums to communicate to one another.

In 1800’s, people started using letters for communication. But this method was very slow and people couldn’t contact each other in emergency situations.

There was also possiblity of letters being lost.

But after the invention of telephone in 1976 by Alexander Graham Bell, it became easier for people to communicate.

Then in 1970’s, the cellular phone was invented, it brought many advantages into people’s lives.

However, although cellular phones brought benefits, they also have disadvantages. The most important advantage of a cellular phone is that they can be used almost everywhere without cables or electricity.

By using a cellular, people are able to communicate with anyone whenever they want and wherever they are.

Besides this, if there is an emergency situation cellular phones can be useful. Furthermore, people can get access to the internet by using a cellular phone.

These days, the world’s most common means of communication is SMS. Cellular phones include this system, so in this way one can communicate with someone more cheaply than by normal calling.

In contrast, cellular phones have disadvantages, for example phones spread electromagnetic waves and these waves cause health problems like cancer.

Additionally, cellular phones often affect the electronic systems used by equipment like cars, A.B.S ( Automatic brake system) and computers.

This can cause big problems such as accidents, where there is no power, charging is difficult and expensive. Sometimes the reception is poor in some areas, limiting people’s connectivity ( one can’t talk underground or on phone).

People use phones while they are driving and this can cause accidents.

However, cell phones have become a leading giveaway of secret affairs. Snooping spouses are finding amorous messages, as well as inexplicable phone numbers, stored in the memory of mobile phones.

Divorce lawyers are ecstatic, magazines are warning readers to watch out, and one private investigator has even issued ” Five Golden Rules” on how to cheat with a cell phone and not get caught.

People can be two world apart concentrating on different gadgets meanwhile in the same room more especially social media.

As a result, a cell phone can decrease the quality of what one talk about, because a person only talk about things where he/she wouldn’t mind being interrupted, which makes sense and also it decreases the emphatic connection that people feel toward each other.

Not only can a cell phone affect human lives, also the radiation from the phones can also trigger fire in places with high flammable materials as filling station.

Although the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) states there is no evidence that these reports are true. While it may be ” theoretically possible for a spark from a cell phone battery to ignite gas vapor,’ the FCC concludes the potential threat is remote.

To sum up, cellular phones have advantages and disadvantages, they make people’s lives easier but at the same time they can cause some serious problems to people’s health.

A cellular phone is a kind of mobile radio telephone used in a communications system that has its service divided into small cells, each having a separate low- power transmitter and receiver combination.


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