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TAZAMA pipelines loses more than 1 million litres of sulfur

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TAZAMA Pipelines has lost more than 1 million litres of Low Sulfur Gasoil following a rupture of the pipelines in Mbeya of Tanzania.

The rupture of the pipelines was caused by a contractor who was carrying out works, leading to the damage.

Tazama Pipelines Limited is a parastatal owned by the governments of Zambia and Tanzania by shares 67% and 33% respectively.

It operates a 1710 km pipeline transporting finished products from the port of Dar es Salaam to receiving terminal at Ndola, Republic of Zambia.

According to a report by the department operations in Dar res Salaam, it is stated that the incident which occurred on the Tanzanian side happened on Monday, May 15th around 13:40 hours.

The report stated that the contractor was carrying out road works on belaf of Tarura and while grading the road, he raptured the Tazama pipelines causing serious damage and spillage of more than a million liters of the low sulphur gasoil.

“Action taken by Tazama At around 1310 hrs, operator on duty noticed an abnormal change of parameters (a rapid pressure drop] downstream the pipeline. Immediately the station ordered a line survey to the walking patrols along the line and at about 1340 hrs the Swaya ward councillor rang Tazama to inform about the rupture. An immergence response team was organised and sent to the site,” read the report.

It was stated that on arrival at scene at around 14:30 hours, the team assessed the situation and started procedures for containing the leak.

“Costs associated with this rupture Preliminary cost includes, about 1.0 million litres of spilled LSG, cost of repairs consisting of mobilization of manpower and equipment, supervisory and administrative costs to be worked out after repairs are completed and demobilization is done. In addition to the above costs, idle time cum loss of business as a result of this will also be calculated,” read the report.

The report estimated that operations will resume in two days’ time on completion of repair works and environmental clean-up.

In Tanzania, Tazama owns a 6 storage tanks tank farm with capacity of 231,000,000 litres, and 5 booster pumping stations situated at Kigamboni, Mikese Morogoro, Elphons Pass Kilosa. Mbigill Iringa, and Inyala Mbey.

– Mwebantu


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