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Shakas tells off opposition and Lungu

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Shakafuswa Jonas

Outspoken former Member of Parliament for Katuba constituency Jonas Shakafuswa says “people’s power” slogan by UPND needs an agenda and not cheap political mileage based on events.

And Shakafuswa has told President Lungu to take a  chill and be president of all Zambians not just a few PF members.

In statement below, Shakafuswa also warns President Lungu not to create a situation where the country would rise against him.


I laugh when some quarters are defining the ConCourt Ruling as giving Edgar a third term and want to capitalize on that to gain Political mileage. This is very cheap thinking which can’t sell. Edger hasn’t changed the Constitution to enable him run for a third term. The Constitution was changed by Politicians and groups, who found it fit to define a term of of office. This was not defined for Edgar, but Generally. People have to learn to swallow their pride. We had an opportunity to pass a Constitution which could stand the test of time. But opportunists wanted to ride on the perceived support of the Civil Society, who, to me ruined the whole Constitutional process. They wanted the Constitution ‘adopted as is’. Did they study it. Did they notice the implications of adopting the ‘Constitution as is’ Most of these so called Civil Society are just Noise makers who doesn’t possess the expertise to have detailed analysis of serious issue but want to work as media experts. Here we are. Wanting the Courts to give Judgement for Political expedience. Looking for a storm from a tea cup. Not in Zambia. We have experienced revolutions in this Country brought by Gallant men, the likes of Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika, Derrick Mbita Chitala Arthur Wina and them. They did not advocate blood shed, but held the bull by the horns to bring about change. Michael Sata’s was a revolution, but unfortunately did not have the required people to maintains the revolution. As a result, the less tax, more money in the Pockets, has become a far fetched dream. So to ask for peoples power needs an agenda. Not cosmetic events which you know are of window dressing in nature. Yes things in the Country are bad. But we don’t need cheap opportunism to make it worse. We need consolidated efforts to first lay a foundation to make things right. The problem we have is the we have these angels who think they know it all. Tekanyani. As for Edgar, Chill. This Country belongs to all Zambians. The resistance you are facing is because you have given it to PF. You have stripped so called Opposition the rights to have jobs in government. The rights to do business with government.The rights to be heard. The rights to association. The right to expression.The rights to be Zambians and to enjoy the Zambian fruit. People are still waiting for lower tax, more money in their pockets. Do you know what brings about revolutions? Suppression, Repression. And leadership which thinks they are on first name basis with God. Become a servant of the people. Not a servant of PF, and especially your corrupt helpers at State House, who have turned State House into a procurement Centre for the Country. Ndamana”


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