Sata’s unfulfilled 10 campaign promises

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File: Sata during a campaign rally

By Francisco Slimchile Kiko

1) I will demolish shanty towns and build better “planned houses in 90 days.(ati tafakamo na ma shower)
2) When PF comes into power there will be no load-shedding, no abuse of the public media and we will do away with the Public Order Act because it’s a colonial law.
3) PF will create employment for the youths( tell the youths to smoke chamba for the last time today because when PF comes into power there will no time for them to smoke.)
4) Better sanitation for everyone, 46 years of independence Zambians can not be using pit latrines. Under PF cholera will a thing of the past.
5) We will increase bags of fertilizer for our farmers.
6) People driven constitution within 90 days. Will also enact the Freedom of Information Bill.
7) Reintroduce new taxes for the mines (windfall tax?)
8) Build high/secondary schools in every ward. Children from George compound are performing bad because they are failing to mingle with children from Kabulonga.
9) We shall not employ cadres as civil servants( district commissioners, ambassadors, permanent secretaries, etc) those jobs are for professionals.
10) All small businesses will be for the Zambian people there is no way the Chinese all the way from China can be coming here to cook nshima and sell chickens at Soweto martket. Umwina chaina alikwata ichalo chakwe na imwe ba Pikiti lesa alimipela ichalo chenu.


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