Sata refuses to commission Road he went for in Chinsali

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President Sata

President Michael Sata this afternoon refused to commission the Chama/Matumbo road in Chinsali district in Muchinga provinces after being disappointed with the nonexistent construction works on the one trillion kwacha road project.

The visibly angered President Sata said there was nothing to commission as no works had been done on the road.

President Sata took Road Development Agency (RDA) board chairperson Willie Nsanda, RDA Chief Executive officer Benard Chiwala and a representative of China Jiang Xi, the company contracted to construct the road to task over the matter asking them to show him the road he had travelled to commission.

President Sata wondered why road works have not yet commenced when the construction company had already been paid the money.

The President who was in Chinsali to commission the road works said if the Chinese construction company has failed to do the works, it should come out in the open instead of wasting time.

President Sata wondered why he should be made to waste tax payers money travelling from Lusaka to Chinsali to see a road which is not even there.

This is however despite the assurance by Muchinga Province minister Charles Banda earlier this week that the Chinese contractor had put everything in place to commence construction works.



One Response to Sata refuses to commission Road he went for in Chinsali

  1. Sata is Mad. he transfered RDA to his bedroom afetr evicting Christine Kaseba from there.

    Now he does not know which road is not started and which one is NON existance.

    This man No wonder nature is punishing him by making his choppers fall from the sky.

    These are warning shots. Sata must be replaced and real fast.

    Mpangula Mputyu
    December 6, 2012 at 5:50 am

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