Sakala and other small parties creating shadow cabinet

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Edwin Sakala

Edwin Sakala who heads a small party called ZDDM or Zambia Direct Democracy Movement and other small parties are creating a shadow cabinet.

Sakala who is a brother to Richard Sakala announced this in a statement below:

The truth which Zambians don’t seem to realize is that they have destroyed their own country through holding on to a culture of ever wanting to harvest a good crop where they have not planted. They respect political parties which are financially and rubbish the financially weak ones without thinking of the source of money because Zambians don’t support parties financially.

This has enslaved Zambia because only foreign funded political parties and NGOs are able to hire mobs to support them and to pay the media to give them proper coverage while indigenous political parties struggle to get money to pay government and other institutions for them to operate. Many Zambians don’t know that political parties pay to operate.

Our concern however is that as politics in Zambia remain commercialized it is a few (less than 200) foreign sponsored organizations in  influencing events in the nation.

It is against this background that on behalf of the National Opposition Alliance-NOA which is a consortium of sixteen opposition parties I wish to invite your political party to consider joining us so as to play an active role in laying a new foundation  in Zambian politics where the  opposition parties will form a shadow watchdog cabinet with each party monitoring a particular ministry.

As NOA we are initiating a Fresh and constructive start to Zambian politics where the opposition parties can play an active and positive role instead of remaining fragmented and allowing foreign funded political parties with hidden agendas to continue messing up the country.

We want each opposition party to voluntarily adopt a government ministry which they will shadow and advise on as in a government of national unity. It must be emphasized that no single party will be forced in this arrangement.

This is a new concept aimed at transforming Zambian politics from the current state of wasting time and energy on bickering

The problem in all political party alliances in this country has been over the question of leadership and to overcome this problem NOA has decided to make the Presidency rotational

The names of party Presidents and ministries which they will overshadow will be announced soon, The spokesperson and secretariat will also be made public at the same time..


We must acknowledge the fact that Zambia is a very rich nation with enough wealth to guarantee a decent and comfortable life for every citizen but unfortunately the country is like a house on fire with people trapped inside. Instead of fighting the fire and saving the people Zambians have been mentally conditioned into being preoccupied with accusing each other of being responsible for the fire.

 This unfortunate situation is by a very clever design of multinational funding some of the so called big political parties, NGOs and some churches which have been used to literally kill the sense of nationalism and patriotism in our people.

Most of these foreign funded organizations and “fake” Zambians occupying key positions in government in spite of having no sense of patriotism to Zambia are the true enemies of the Zambian people. These people don’t care about the future of Zambia because what matters most to such people is milking Zambia and their pockets.

As it was in the days of slavery when some Africans captured their own brothers and sold them to slave traders is now a situation where Zambia and its future are being sold,

Many Zambians are still not aware that the tool being used to smokescreen the sale of their country is tribal hate and division which could have lead to bloodshed if Zambians were not heavily integrated through marriages.

NOA would like to put an end to the politics of tribalism. Hate and undermining those in authority by proving genuine checks and balances. We shall commend the PF government when they do something commendable but won’t hesitate to point out any short coming or mistake it makes.

We don’t want to be like some sponsored so called big political and their television station which dwell on fault finding and always championing agendas aimed t demonizing government.

NOA expects all the opposition parties which share its vision of Zambia first to join this initiative which will help Zambia normalize politics by giving the PF constructive opposition.


4 Responses to Sakala and other small parties creating shadow cabinet

  1. Mr Sakala. For a man talking about pointing fingers, you have really pointed a lot yourself.Me thinks the man protesteth too much.

    February 17, 2017 at 2:46 pm

  2. This a very stupid narration from stupid mind for stupid motive in a stupid manner. The 4 clear stupids at play!

    February 17, 2017 at 8:14 pm

  3. Mr Sakala you are right in Zambia we have too many opposition Parties as a result opposition is weak. Mr Sakala the method you have used to strengthen the opposition will not work cos you have left out UPND the current big opp party. Yes you have invited them but it will not be possible for a bigger party to be swallowed by a small come together parties. First you should have engaged UPND to discus a possible merger. All small parties should have accepted to join UPND on No conditions. UPND would have worked out something for smaller parties to feel belonging and relevant to the cause. Do not forget that all small parties put together will be 5% of the giant UPND. Your idea is good but consult properly how to go about it. Do not demonize UPND but appreciate what it has done so far and discuss with them your ideas. I rest my case.

    Robert T
    February 17, 2017 at 8:23 pm

  4. In short, another BIG IDIOT

    John chabe
    February 19, 2017 at 1:43 am

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