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Rupiah denies being persuaded to concede defeat by Storella, Kaunda.

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Zambia’s former President Rupiah Banda has denied being persuaded to concede defeat by former American Ambassador to Zambia Mark storella and First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda.

Speaking in an interview from Kenya where he is monitoring the Presidential Elections in that country, Banda said no one visited him at State House to talk to him about accepting the loss as it was portrayed in the media. Banda explained that he had done so out of principle and the love of his country.

Banda says there was need for Zambians to know the truth with regard to the matter because at the moment every person in the country only knew what they were told by his critics that he had refused to concede until Storella and Kaunda talked to him.

The former president has challenged Kaunda and Storella to come out in the open if at all they did persuade him to concede defeat in the 2011 elections that he lost to Michael Sata and the PF.

He has since called on the people of Kenya and those running in the elections to accept the outcome so as to maintain peace in the country.


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