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Ruff Kid Exposes Macky 2’s Napgate: Was He Trying to Sabotage Him?

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Prepare yourselves for a juicy scoop from the Zambian music scene! Ruff Kid, the talented rap icon, has recently dished out some shocking revelations that will leave you speechless.

In a recent interview, Ruff Kid spilled the beans on the inner workings of the industry and his own struggles to make it big.

Ruff Kid has dropped a bombshell about fellow artist Macky 2. According to Ruff Kid, Macky 2 was caught napping during the filming of the famous “BWETE” music video. Ruff Kid believes this was a deliberate attempt by Macky 2 to undermine his success, as he feared Ruff Kid’s exceptional talent would overshadow his own.

According to Ruff Kid, his journey to success has been fraught with obstacles deliberately placed in his path. He claims that influential figures in the industry have intentionally excluded him from major events like OctoberFest and Mosi Day of Thunder.

Are the industry’s influencers truly threatened by Ruff Kid’s rise? Only time will tell.


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