Riot in Monze, Residents attack Police Post

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The people of Monze are now rioting following the gassing incident that has also rocked the town, reports a Correspondent.

The people of a township called Site and Service have attacked the Police Post where suspected Gassers who were apprehended were kept.

According to the source on the ground two unknown men were caught around 03:20hrs gassing in the area and the suspects were nubbed by the mob and have been taken to Chibuyu Police Post.

The residents then started mobilising themselves and went to the Police Post. The numbers is said to have grown to over 300 people breaking property forcing police to fire teargas to disperse the the mob.

The mob is not retreating but instead growing.

Another source say some officers have locked themselves in the police cell together with the suspects in trying to rescue the suspects who have been caught.

The mob has brought pangasĀ  and tyres, petrol and matches ready to fire šŸ”„ up the police station and burn the suspects alive.


2 Responses to Riot in Monze, Residents attack Police Post

  1. sad development people should not resort to burn police stations let the police do there work please mwebantu

    Terrence chisenga
    February 19, 2020 at 5:42 pm

    • Correct brother. Police should be left to do their work. My analysis is this 1) the perpetrators are vrafty. Among these mobs are people who know what is happening because they are part of the scam. They know once the police stations are destroyed it would be difficult to maintain or bring order once chaos begin. This will make the country ungovernable. 2) the urgency to get the suspects from police and kill them is to destroy evidence which could eventually could be linked to them. SAD ENDEED. It’s like they have a covenant with the devil that if what they requested for never happens the will die before a certain date and are desperate before it happens.

      February 20, 2020 at 4:29 pm

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