The majority preferred Honorable Muwele Smart due to some technicalities he is not in office. As people of kalomo central will keep the fire burning in order to have a good leader like you again. Request Muntanga at the moment we only have one person who can fit in your shoes and there is no other than Honorable Smart Muwele,the party ignored the wish of the people of kalomo central constituency such that many did not even vote for president HH,not even half of the total registered voters voted for president HH but we love him, we love him and we will love forever.

We believe HH is a God given President but some of the people he choses disadvantages him. He chose Charmaine in Chilanga instead of Mwaliteta and we lost. PF won not because they are popular but because people could not vote for our candidate due to her questionable character! With tears we hope Daniel Munkombwe has explained everything to you which is going in our beloved country Zambia.

Our President HH was arrested by Edgar Lungu for no reason last year, thank God he is now out. Since then even Lungu has not rested as he has been going from one hospital to the other for medication over the curse he covered himself by killing inocent people and arrested other people for no reason. He has now gone to Turkey for medical problem medication on the pretext of attending inauguration ceremony.

We still believe HH will soon rule this country so that your spirit, the spirit of Munkombwe and Mazoka will truly rest in peace.

Until We Meet again, May Your Soul Continue to Rest In Peace Uncle Muntanga.

Rayford Mweemba
On Behalf of Kalomo Residents.