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Release Sean Tembo immediately- M’membe

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The continued detention of opposition Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) president Mr Sean E. Tembo is unfair, abusive tyrannical and unlawful.

This is not in accordance with the rule of law they rhetorically sloganeer about. This is abuse of the criminal justice system to fix political opponents and critics. They claim to have removed “defamation of the President” but they have retained it through “hate speech” which is even more sweeping.

This amounts to imprisonment of Mr Tembo without trial, a court conviction and sentencing to a prison term.

It’s absolutely unnecessary to cause such emotional and physical distress on Mr Tembo and his family.

If Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his puppet regime feel that Mr Tembo has committed any offence; let them follow the due process of the law and not resort to such tyrannical and barbaric methods.

Mr Hichilema is trying to monopolise freedom of expression, speech, assembly and association. Today it’s only him who can say whatever he wants about others and hold rallies anywhere he wants. The fundamental freedoms of his politica opponents are increasingly being curtailed.
This is certainly not a good and democratic way governing a country.

Mr Hichilema must not criminalize dissent. Let him instead create a political environment where people can express themselves and their opinions freely without any fear or intimidation.

Mr Hichilema must know that plans to silence critical voices will not work. We shall not be intimidated, bullied or threatened by anyone including Mr Hichilema for speaking out against this government’s policies and actions.

We demand for the immediate release of Mr Tembo.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


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