President Hichilema risks Impeachment- Mwenda

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EFF president Kasonde Mwenda says President Hakainde Hichilema risks being impeached for erring at law.

He says on 26th October 2021, whilst addressing the crowd in Chinsali at the Resting place of Com. Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, President Hichilema declared that his government will not allow anyone from Lusaka or Copperbelt to get employed on government projects to be rolled out in Chinsali or anywhere outside Lusaka and Copperbelt Province respectively now that he is President.

He pointed out that President Hichilema’s directives are illegal and divisively discriminatory.

Read Mwenda’s full statement below:

They are a breach of sec 13(1) of the Public Procurement Act, 2020 of the Zambian Law which states that:

“…, a person shall not be excluded from participating in public procurement on the basis of nationality, race, religion, gender or any other criterion not related to the person’s eligibility”.

The President’s remarks are also contravening sec 7 (1) of CHAPTER 417 of THE COMPETITION AND FAIR TRADING ACT of the Laws of Zambia which states that:

“…restriction or distortion of competition to an appreciable extent in Zambia or in any substantial part of it are declared anti-competitive trade practices and are hereby prohibited.”

Lastly yet most gravely, the sentiments of the President are not only divisive and segregating but are abrogation to the rights and freedom of Zambian Citizens as enshrined in the Bill of rights of our Republican Constitution.

‘One Zambia, One Nation’. By our Law, Zambians regardless of their origin, tribe or creed have a right to work anywhere in Zambia.

We the Economic Freedom Fighters -EFF earnestly beseech the President to let the Rule of Law govern this country.

May the good President also desist from calling the people of Lusaka and Copperbelt Corrupt.

Wherever we want to go Our feet shall take us there.
We have hope that refuses to die.

May God bless Zambia
Kasonde Mwenda C
Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF President


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