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Fawaz with President Edgar Lungu

Fawaz with President Edgar Lungu

Dear Mr Shawi Fawaz and your comrades in crime

We write to you to give you sound advice and  timely warning that the information you have posted on your Lunga Group of Companies website about Kalengwa Mine is false, illegal and must be pulled down. Kalengwa Mine is no longer owned by the Lunga Group as there are Court Judgements to that effect. Kalengwa Mine is owned by Euro Africa Kalengwa Mine Limited.
Our advice therefore is that you correct the information you have posted about the Kalengwa Mine or better still pull it down immediately. We have already advised the owners of Euro Africa Kalengwa Mine Ltd to begin to institute legal proceedings to this effect in the event that you remain stubborn and fail to oblige to this legitimate request. Be assured also that you will be sued in your individual capacities and simultanoeusly also be sued as Lunga Group since you are blatantly masquerading ownership and disseminating false information about Kalengwa Mine when the respected SUPREME COURT Court of Zambia has ruled otherwise.
This time around, we will not let you escape the power of the law and money will not stand in our way. Also know that you will not be allowed to bring anarchy in this nation as a foreigner who can escape to his Country of origin when there is chaos here. We are legitimate Zambians who have no other Country we can call our own and we have a legitimate right to our God given resources and Government fully acknowledges this. Even those Zambian Triators some in Government that Shawi Fawazi has blinded by the illicit money that he flashes around and who want to use Politics to break the law and to intimidate local nationals, we will not let them have it easy no matter who they are. We all want to be able to do the right thing and that is what we have been encouraging the owners of Kalengwa Mine-the Euro Africa Kalengwa Mine Ltd to do, to follow the law and they have fought their battles legally in the Courts and won. And we think the Courts have not been compromised in meting out justice. Mind you, we have a President in Edgar Chagwa Lungu that you cannot corrupt or cheat with lies whilst hiding your real selfish intentions or motives. He knows the law and we know he is a man that keeps the law. We are therefore within the law and protected by both the law and the law keeper in the President as we fight for justice for the poor and defenceless.
But it seems you have taken the owners of Kalengwa Mine-the Euro Africa Kalengwa Mine Ltd for granted. You treat them as docile and dumb and poor people who can do nothing. We the concerned citizens who stand for right against might, law against anarchy and prosperity against poverty, will do all that is necessary to defend these noble Zambians against those who think they are might AND CAN BREAK RIGHT AT WILL because of money and connections. It will not be a good thing for Shawi Fawazi and his comrades in crime to face angry citizens being deprived of their right in their own land when they begin to take the law into their own hands. Please advise him in that manner. Lets all do the right thing which is lawful to obey a simple Supreme Court ruling that he takes his hands off Kalengwa Mine permanently. Then we will live in peace and in harmony without fear. But be assured all necessary measures are now being considered to ensure that Zambian Citizens are not deprived of what the highest Court in the Land has said is theirs-the Kalengwa Mine. They will transact on it, they will feed their families from it and the Government will get legitimate benefits through taxes from it and Zambia will develop as a result of that mine in the hands of Euro Africa Kalengwa Mine Lts and Partners. We will not rest until until we see this happen
Adhere or be afraid, sincerely
Concerned Citizens

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