Politicians Leaked audio and video recordings

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by Brenda Ngilazi Zulu

Ever since Zambia entered a digital era, Politicians have had their video and audio content leaked to social media.

Politicians need to be digital aware to avoid embarrassments and being fired from work. They need to know how they can protect their communication online and on digital devices such as phones, computers and iPads. They don’t have to trust anyone with classified information.

One of the famous viral audio recordings in the Zambian history was the “Bashi Nono audio”
Former Commerce Minister Robert Sichinga publicly admitted that the audio recording in which he was secretly recorded telling a woman known as Bana Nono that if president Sata died, Zambia would have a constitutional crisis with a vice president then, Guy Scott who could not take over as President.
Robert Sichinga accepted that it was him in the viral video.

Politicians need to learn how they can surf and use the internet like James Bond in relation to issues of privacy and security.

The viral revenge pornography video of former General Education Minister David Mabumba whose face was showing in the video shows that he lacked information on how he could keep himself secure and safe in online spaces. There was no room to escape the contents of the video as his face was all over the internet. What followed after the video was leaked to social media, President Edgar Lungu fired General Education Minister David Mabumba with immediate effect.

Politicians need to learn how they can protect their devices and how they can use circumvention tools in times of need. For instance when our social media was restricted on Poll day last year. We know that many Politicians downloaded the virtual private networks (VPNs) but have they deleted them already after the internet was restored?

Mobile Phone Recordings
On a sad note this has increased. Some people record their conversation and carelessly or intentionally leaks them to social media for gossip. Recordings that have leaked to social media include those of Politicians like Chishimba Kambwili and former BoZ governor and the Permanent Secretary

Chishimba Kabwili and Amos Chanda

GBM’s Recorded Conversation with Zambian Voice Chilufya Tayali

We can safely say that all Politicians use smart phones and they have access to many applications that record conversations. In some conversations they recorded themselves and in other instances the conversation might have been tapped. Tapping and recording private conversations is an offence. It is important for Politicians to protect your communication with other people as some may illegally be recording their conversations.

Each time you want to record a conversation kindly inform the person on the other end. It is better to get consent to the record the conversation.

Now there is a recording in the new dawn government allegedly between two government officials making rounds on social media.

My advice is that before more mistakes are made and leaked to social media in the UPND reign where President Hakainde Hichilema has repeatedly said that the media should be freed, there is need to make sure every appointee undergoes a Digital Safety training. This is very important because i see that most of appointees are those born before computers and are not digital natives. They are really not digital natives. The digital migrants need to seriously undergo a Digital safety training because they really can’t plug and play but are coming from an era of using manuals to operate their devices.

A mobile phone keeps a lot of things and they may be victims of hurt speech, Cyberbullying, cyber stalling, doxing , private conversations leakages if they are careless with their own content etc

In the virtual parliament we have seen that many log in from where they are. Social media has made us see Zoom videos where inappropriate visuals have emerged in other countries. Politicians need orientation on the tools they will use for work in this COVID19 era.

Do Politicians mobile phones have passwords? When did they last change their pass words.


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