Police arrest Prophet in Mufulira

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Police in Mufulira has arrested a Prophet for allegedly being at the center of many fraudulent activities which includes possession of two Zambia National Registration Cards and  performing questionable  healing  sessions at his premises.

According to a reliable source at Mufulira Central Police, a Prophet identified as John  Muke of unknown age, an overseer of  Pentecostal Victorious Mountain Ministries has been arrested.

The source said Muke was arrested over the weekend for alleged fraudulent activities which are criminal in nature and is remanded at Mufulira Central Police awaiting to appear in court.

Muke, a Congolese migrant is said to have been found in possession of two NRCs. He is also being charged for sexual related crime after few women came forward and said Muke  has been demanding sex to his own choir members in the Church. Other rumoured charges include possession of obscene material.

Meanwhile Muke’s loyal members and followers have  asked police to immediately release their leader saying he is being persecuted by his names.

“Please leave papa alone, he is a good man. Stop lying against him. Touch not my announced one. Please be careful how you talk and persecute him. May people will regret” Naomi Chibuye, an ardent follower said.

“You need to understand that the Grace of God. The Prophet has been called to save Mufulira but we are insulting and arresting him” another follower, Justina Kayombo said.

Recently, Police arrested a Ndola Pastor known as Yakobo Yakobo for allegedly having sex at Ndola’s Central Hospital Mortuary Entrance. The fact which attached many onlookers and videos of how he was confronted went viral on social media.


One Response to Police arrest Prophet in Mufulira

  1. Send him to prison for a long time,Zambia should not
    be used for such rubbish activities using the name
    of God. Who can go to Congo and do such things Zambian
    women be aware of some of these so called pastors.
    In any case one can not have two NRC for what? he is up
    to some thing deal him.

    Donald Mwanza
    July 25, 2019 at 3:22 pm

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