PF on 10 days trial: Third term?

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By Emmanuel Chilekwa

President Lungu

The 10 days of NDF puts PF govt on trial to see if they will do the wishes of the pipo or endorse 3rd term against the wishes of the people. Since I don’t have access to ECL and I love him so much, let me provide him political advice which my dear cousin KZ is skipping to tell him, but since one or two close relatives here are my friends, am sure it will get to him and possibly, get to ECL himself. The governing party must read political and constitutional history of Zambia if they love themselves and if they love Boss. Zambians never tolerate 3rd term in whatever form, advise Boss, please The NDF can do whatever they want, but what fraction are they of the 17million Zambians, they are not even 1%. Let them not temper with the two term presidential limit, Zambians won’t accept that – that’s what we who are on the ground are hearing. FTJ tried to do that, his organised assembly allowed him. On way from Mulungushi his motorcade failed to reach Plot 1, he was airlifted by Chopper, leaving his motorcade at Zani muone. When KBF says let us fight the battles that ECL was supposed to fight, he means well, listen to him. Opposition and the many Zambians are waiting for PF to make a mistake. PF has enough voice of reason within the party, listen to it. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Constitution is clear on what makes one a President – being sworn in twice, period.


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