Only surviving 1964 Minster Wina dies

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The only surviving member of the 1964 cabinet Sikota Wina has died.

The Veteran politician died this morning from University Teaching Hospital (UTH) where he had been admitted since Monday.

He played a vital role in the struggle for independence that he was expelled from University in South Africa because of his political involvement.

He was nicknamed UNIP cowboy.

Wina was a member of the Legislative Council and the National Assembly and the country’s first Minister of Health in 1964.

He also held the posts of Minister for Local Government and Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Tourism.

Wina was born on 31 August 1931 and was originally married to Glenda Puteho McCoo, an African-American, before marrying Nakatindi Wina, a politician and member of the Barotseland Royal family, in the 1970s.

He was also a Journalist and authored a book titled The Night Without A President.


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