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Nkombo to buy 156 Landcruisers

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By Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe

Hon.Gary Nkombo, Lusaka Constituency does not need a Land cruiser, stop wasting our CDF money over a deal we don’t understand.

The Ministry of local Goverment is buying a Land cruiser hardtop for each constituency at an estimated cost of One million kwacha each using Constituency Development Funds. In the last week of August, Ministry of Local govt announced the tender award to CFAO Motors (former Toyota zambia) to supply 156 Hard Top Land cruisers . Where and when was the tender advertised? Genuinely asking.

Firstly not every constituency needs a land cruiser from Toyota Zambia, a land cruiser in Lusaka central for what ? We probably just need 5 second hand vans for cleaning the city. Urban Constituencies do not need 4×4 Hard Top Land cruisers that will cost nearly 1million kwacha. So why force it on us ? when we can probably get a double cab 4×4 or even 4×2 and save money that can be channeled to other programs for their Constituencies like parks (lusaka).

Secondly, I thought the President’s idea of increasing CDF was to decentralise Government. So why is procurement of these cars being done in Lusaka at the Ministry of local Government? This is Government not contradicting it’s self. Don’t think Just because it’s Toyota Zambia then we will assume its a clean deal. So how do the locals get empowered here? 156 vehicles being single sourced is a very big number which would have been advertised as an open tender and spread out in lots for all car dealers to participate country wide.

Take to the village those fima cars sir, kindly remove Lusaka Central please.


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