Nakachinda panics

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Patriotic Front (PF) nominated Member of Parliament Raphael Nakachinda is said to be in a state of panic as the deadline for him to handover MMD assets nears.

Nakachinda who until Tuesday was the faction National Secretary of the now dismantled Felix Mutati Faction of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has this morning hired disgruntled elements whom he previously deceived to go and insult Judge Sharon Newa at the High Court.

The Cadres who are clad in MMD regalia are being led by a Reuben Mambwe who is impersonating to be the MMD Lusaka district Secretary. The Cadres who are in seven Rosa buses will allege that they are MMD Members from seven constituencies of Lusaka District.

They will further allege that Judge Newa’s judgement that recognized Dr. Nevers Mumba as party president is useless. They will allege that Felix Mutati is the MMD President. And will call upon him to appeal.

Yesterday, Mutati conceded defeat to Dr. Nevers Mumba and said that in the interest of the party he will not appeal the judgement.

However, Nakachinda who was given an ultimatum of up to this Wednesday to handover all the party assets is said to be in a state of panic as it is believed that he had illegally sold off a number of party assets which include Party Vehicles.

Zambia Police vehicles have been sighted patrolling the MMD Secretariat, High Court grounds and ZNBC to arrest these Cadres. The “New Hope MMD” had said that it reserves the right to report him for theft of motor vehicles if he fails to account for them in 72 hours.


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  1. We can’t blame Nakachinda. He’s got his nominated seat to protect and accounting of assets adds more salt to injury.

    Terence Biggie Zitha
    November 11, 2019 at 3:08 pm

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