Mwinilunga gold terror

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I would like to blow the whistle on what is happening in the dark corners of this country.

The country’s exciting gold rush in Mwinilunga that has brought a lot attention has been hijacked by Chief Chibwika, Julius Muyenda. He is running a ‘village army’ which is illegally mining gold on three companies’ mining licences, namely Chilibwe Mining, Kampoko Resources and PCB Mining.

This chief has mobilized a mob of 200+ local thugs and 50 mobile policemen organized by his tribesman, the inspector general of police Kakoma Kanganja, whom he plans to give a cut when he comes with Honourable Kampyongo to officiate at the opening of the new immigration office in Mwinilunga next week.

The chief and his day army have blocked the mine owners from entry to their mining area in order for them to mine gold, claiming that he owns the gold rich area. He has engaged his cousin, a fugitive ZNS colonel by the name of Jathan Mukanda of ZNS Lusaka farm who is under investigations already over missing farming equipment at ZNS farm. He is the man training and equipping the local village army as his protection and for intimidation purposes and have taken charge of the illegal mine operations using government police and weapons.

Chief Chibwika claims that President Edgar Lungu knows of his move to grab the mine in exchange for PF votes in Mwinilunga which is a UPND stronghold. He plans to cheat PF as usual. At the same time he has been preaching that he does not want any foreigner or any other tribe apart from the Lundas to invest in the mining industry in his chiefdom. No other tribes are welcome.

He and his private army have collected over 80kg of gold with a street value of $2,400,000 to date. Some of this gold was shipped to Lusaka by the chief’s elder brother, a Doctor Muyenda of UTH, to some Indians marking and sales.

Chief Chibwika and his wife carried 3kg of gold to Tanzania two weeks ago when he went for a World Vision conference for sale. Airport security scanned the gold but where told that they couldn’t search the chief’s wife.

This is not only daylight robbery of the country’s revenue and taxes but is also being used to fuel discontent against the government of the day. The chief talks of splitting off from the rest of Zambia and forming a government he calls the Kingdom of Kasensele, being named after the village where the gold was discovered, with himself being Emperor.

Is this not another Mushala in the making, with private armies breaking the laws of the land? Are police not meant to enforce the law rather than participate in plundering and fuelling rebellion?

The mining companies affected refused to comment and only expressed confidence in the Ministry of Mines and government for resolution.


2 Responses to Mwinilunga gold terror

  1. That is what happens when the wealth of the nation is left free for all, peace doesn’t prevail as discontent becomes the order of the day and doesn’t end there there will come more powerful people with weapons to gain entry in the area.
    We should learn this from our Congolese neighbours who are always at war, I pray it doesn’t happen in this country let the law take it’s cause failure to that chaos could be at the door.

    September 4, 2019 at 3:55 pm

  2. This news is fake. In any case it is not wrong for local people to demand the right to what God blessed them with.
    Let the people benefit from this wealth. Just organise them so that they do business in an organised manner.
    This country has a history in mining which have not benefited local people.
    The issue of militias does not arise. The author of the above article is just a war monger.

    September 4, 2019 at 8:02 pm

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