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Mother in trouble for burning teen

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A 35-year-old mother from Sinazeze village in Sinazongwe district, Southern Province, has been arrested after scalding her 15-year-old daughter with hot water in an attempt to discipline her for staying out overnight without permission.

According to police reports, the incident occurred after Blessing Siampuma left her parents’ home at 14:00 hours on Saturday and did not return until 06:00 hours the following day.

Upon her return, her parents, who had spent a sleepless night worrying, questioned her whereabouts.

The situation quickly escalated when Blessing responded rudely and engaged in a heated argument with them.

In a fit of anger, her mother, Ireen Chiyota, grabbed a pot of boiling water intended for her husband’s morning bath and poured it over Blessing, resulting in multiple burn wounds on her body.

The father, Christopher Siampuma aged 39 then rushed to the rescue and reported the matter to police leading to the arrest of his wife.

At the station, Siampuma said their teenage daughter had troubled them with her constant habit of sleeping out lately.

Southern Province Police Commanding officer, Auxensio Daka confirmed both the incident and arrest.

“According to the father the 15 year old girl has been giving them trouble of sleeping out. However, the victim has been referred to Maamba Hospital for examination and treatment” added Daka.


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