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MoH recruitment of 0.4% Pharmacists is embarrassing to the nation – Dr Mweetwa

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Dr Larry Mweetwa has described as an embrassment the ongoing Health Workers recruitment where only 47 Pharmacists are shortlisted to be employed.

In article below obtained by Zambian Eye, Dr Mweetwa says the move just goes to show that it is not about the needy sections but connection.

While we appreciate the efforts government has made at recruitment of health workers, the decision by the ministry of Health to employ only 47 Pharmacists out of 1000 unemployed is a huge embarrassment to government.

At a time when the nation is struggling with drug shortages we need to have experts employed in key service delivery of commodities to our patients.

The ministry only employed 4 pharmacists in each province, this is a joke.

One of the major reasons we have drug shortages in the nation now is due to poor quantification because drug consumption should do start from clinics but people dispensing medicines at this level are not pharmaceutically trained.

For me I feel recruitment was not based on need priority but connection based.

Right now as we speak there are a number of Radiographers, physiotherapists, environmental Health experts, Biomedical scientists etc with unproportional allocation of human resource.

It’s shameful to consider health services delivery revolve around only two professions. We should not accept any sugar coat statements to say in the second recruitment we will priorities the Professions who never got a lion’s share.

We ask the PS administration and his counterpart and HR at MOH to revisit this it’s not fare, we are all Zambians and must enjoy the National cake equally.


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