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Lungu guns for HH

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Ministry of Lands and State House sources reveal that President Edgar Lungu’s State House agents on Wednesday conducted property searches on all of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s properties at the Ministry of Land Headquarters.

It is reported that the agents are working in conjunction with FDD President Edith Nawakwi in a bid to fish for any property transfer illegalities inorder to implicate Hichilema.

Analysts believe, Lungu is now more determined than ever, to ensure that Hichilema is put behind bars to prevent him from appearing on the ballot of the 2021 elections.

They say if there was an offence where Hichilema stole a cat 40 years ago, Lungu would gladly put Hichilema in jail, that’s how desperate he has become.

As reported by the Zambian Watchdog, the agents paid demand notices on the records of the properties whose printouts were collected by Ministry of Lands acting Customer Services Manager Mirriam Mumba, and handed to State House security officials for forensic examinations.

According to the same sources, the motive behind the search is to cook some documents so that they are at variance with the ones in my Hichilema’s possession and then arrest him of fraudulent accounting and forgery.

The agents by the name of ‘General’ and Lukangaba are under the direct supervision of Edith Nawakwi and senior Presidential aide Zumani Zimba, whose desk is running the operation. Zumani directs reports to President Lungu.

At a rally in the Northern Province a few days ago, President Lungu announced that Hichilema would be lucky not to be arrested for alleged privatisation offences anytime in the near future.


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